Philanthropy & Ethics Speakers

We represent several of the world’s top philanthropist speakers, dedicated to human welfare and social issues, including entrepreneurs, conservationists and experts in corporate social responsibility, amongst others.

Our Philanthropy & Ethics Speakers share stories of their experiences in setting up charities or other initiatives to address issues in society, providing inspiration and guidance for businesses and individuals alike.

Philanthropy & Ethics speakers

Jeffrey Hollender Speaker
Jeffrey Hollender
Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Expert
Ann Romney Speaker
Ann Romney
Best-selling Author & Former First Lady of Massachusetts
Francis Wolff Speaker
Francis Wolff
French Philosopher and Author
Ali Tabrizi on a boat
Ali Tabrizi Speaker
Ali Tabrizi
Filmmaker, Conservationist and Director of Netflix’s groundbreaking documentary, Seaspiracy
Bryce Evans Speaker
Bryce Evans
Food historian, researcher and author
Jennifer Risher Speaker
Jennifer Risher
Author, "We Need to Talk"
Dan Breznitz Speaker
Dan Breznitz
Award winning author, speaker, and educator
William Macaskill Speaker
William Macaskill
Associate professor in philosophy at the University of Oxford
Sal Khan Speaker
Sal Khan
Founder of The Khan Academy and the Khan Lab School
Susie alegre header photo
Susie Alegre Speaker
Susie Alegre
International human rights barrister
michael sheldrick speaking
Michael Sheldrick Speaker
Michael Sheldrick
Co-Founder of Global Citizen
Scott Harrison Speaker
Scott Harrison
Founder and CEO of charity: water
Doug McMaster Speaker
Doug McMaster
Michelin Starred chef and founder of zero waste restaurant
Liv Boeree Speaker
Liv Boeree Speaker
Liv Boeree
Former professional poker player and philanthropist
Fagun Thakrar Speaker
Fagun Thakrar
Actor, Director, and Social Entrepreneur
Shafi Ahmed Speaker
Shafi Ahmed
World's first chief medical metaverse officer
Paul Polman speaking
Paul Polman Speaker
Paul Polman
CEO, Unilever (2009-18) - Co-Founder and Chair, IMAGINE
Ruth Chang Speaker
Ruth Chang
Chair of Jurispridence at the University of Oxford
Glennon Doyle Speaker
Glennon Doyle
Author and activist known for her #1 New York Times bestsellers Untamed and Love Warrior
Andre Agassi Speaker
Andre Agassi
Tennis Legend & Philanthropist


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