Gender Equality Speakers

It is vital to address gender discrimination and bias, both in society and the workplace, and to understand the many ways in which it can manifest. We must continue to empower women, and to recognise the value and benefits of diverse teams.

Chartwell works with a number of extraordinary Gender Equality speakers, who are well-equipped to speak on the subject of women’s rights, breaking down gender barriers and advancing gender equality worldwide.

Gender Equality speakers

Gender Equality speakers

Arlene Foster
Arlene Foster Speaker
Arlene Foster
First Minister of Northern Ireland on two occasions (between 2016-21) and Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) (2015-21)
Mary Ann Sieghart Speaker
Mary Ann Sieghart
Highly Regarded Current Affairs Commentator and author of award-winning book, The Authority Gap
Gina Rippon Speaker
Gina Rippon
Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuroimaging
Barbara Krumsiek Speaker
Barbara Krumsiek
Globally Recognized Leader in Sustainable Investing
Karen Attiah Speaker
Karen Attiah
Opinion Columnist, Global Opinions Editor - The Washington Post
Wendy Searle Speaker
Wendy Searle
Adventurer, mother of four - skied solo & unsupported to the South Pole
rico chace
Rico Jacob Chace Speaker
Rico Jacob Chace
LGBTQIA+ and Black Rights Activist
Jillian Kowalchuk smiling
Jillian Kowalchuk Speaker
Jillian Kowalchuk
Award-winning Tech Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Author
Tahima Sheikh-Ahmed on stage
Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh Speaker
Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
Former SNP Politician
Victoria Evans Speaker
Victoria Evans
Sports lawyer and Guinness World Record holder
Tammy Smith Speaker
Tammy Smith
The US military’s first openly LGBT General/Flag officer
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaker
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Research fellow at the Hoover Institution & Founder of the AHA Foundation
Tahmima Anam Speaker
Tahmima Anam
Anthropologist and author
Desiree Fixler speaking on stage
Desiree Fixler Speaker
Desiree Fixler
Advocate for change in ESG investing and sustainability and Former Chief Sustainability Officer at DWS
Sophie Williams speaking
Sophie Williams Speaker
Sophie Williams
Author of 'Millennial Black' and leading voice on diversity, inclusion and Allyship
Cristiana Pace Speaker
Cristiana Pace
Leader in Motorsport Sustainability and Innovation
Cathy Newman Speaker
Cathy Newman
Journalist, broadcaster and author
alev scott
Alev Scott Speaker
Alev Scott
Journalist for FT, The Guardian & Politico Europe
Scarlett Allen-Horton Speaker
Scarlett Allen-Horton
Entrepreneur & BBC Apprentice Finalist
Chine McDonald Speaker
Chine McDonald
Director of religion and society think tank, Theos


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