Diversity & Inclusion Speakers

Chartwell’s expert Diversity and Inclusion Speakers draw on their personal experiences about overcoming prejudice, championing individual rights and celebrating individuality.

Inspiring others in their quest to see the end of inequality for all, these fearless campaigners are all influencing policy and minds on issues of race, gender and disability in speeches tailored to educate, inform and motivate key decision-makers at all levels of government and society, Chartwell’s Speakers in this area address the issues that matter.

Diversity Speakers

Diversity & Inclusion speakers

Patricia Gestoso Speaker
Patricia Gestoso
Digital scientific services leader and diversity and inclusion strategy consultant
Zoe speaking at event
Zoe Strimpel Speaker
Zoe Strimpel
Historian, author, newspaper columnist and broadcaster, specialising in gender, relationships and feminism
Daisy Rogers Speaker
Daisy Rogers
Professional artist, writer, creative director, Founder of Liberally and speaker on diversity
Sope Agbelusi Speaker
Sope Agbelusi
Executive coach and expert on cultural change, inclusivity and people-centred cultures
Flavilla Fongang Speaker
Flavilla Fongang
Founder of Branding and Experiential Marketing Agency, 3 Colours Rule and Brand Advisor to the BBC
Raina Kumra Speaker
Raina Kumra
Expert on Digital transformation and AI ethics
Rico Jacob Chase headshot
Rico Jacob Chace Speaker
Rico Jacob Chace
LGBTQIA+ and Black Rights Activist
Karen Attiah Speaker
Karen Attiah
Opinion Columnist, Global Opinions Editor - The Washington Post
Adah Parris Speaker
Adah Parris
Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Cultural Strategist; TED2019 Emerging Innovator
Mary Seighart
Mary Ann Sieghart Speaker
Mary Ann Sieghart
Highly Regarded Current Affairs Commentator and author of award-winning book, The Authority Gap
Suzy Walton Speaker
Suzy Walton
Speaker on corporate governance, diversity, overcoming barriers to success
Iain Anderson Speaker
Iain Anderson
Corporate Communications Expert
Charlotte Clymer Speaker
Charlotte Clymer
Transgender woman & Former Press Secretary, The Human Rights Campaign
Jennifer Eberhardt Speaker
Jennifer Eberhardt
MacArthur "Genius" Grant Recipient
Natalie Campbell Speaker
Natalie Campbell
Co-Founder, A Very Good Company
Olivia Fox Cabane Speaker
Olivia Fox Cabane
Expert on the science behind charisma and creativity
Ramesh Srinivasan Speaker
Ramesh Srinivasan
Expert on how ethical technology solutions can support innovation and diversity, equity and inclusion.
Lucy Hawking Speaker
Lucy Hawking
Influential Populariser of Science
Darnell Moore Speaker
Darnell Moore
Director of Inclusion Strategy for Content & Marketing, Netflix
Jeremy Myerson Speaker
Jeremy Myerson
Expert on bringing inclusive approach to the future of work


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