Philanthropy & Ethics speakers

Belinda Parmar Speaker
Belinda Parmar
Technology entrepreneur, campaigner and activist
Susan Dentzer Speaker
Susan Dentzer
Healthcare Policy Analyst &Thought Leader, Journalist, Keynote Speaker
Mashonda Tifrere Speaker
Mashonda Tifrere
Author, " BLEND: The Secret to Co-Parenting and Creating a Balanced Family"
Gandy Brothers Speaker
Gandy Brothers
Fashion Designers & Philanthropists
Byron V. Garrett Speaker
Byron V. Garrett
Chairman of the National Family Engagement Alliance (NFEA)
Jennifer Richeson Speaker
Jennifer Richeson
Social Psychologist & MacArthur Fellow
Jason Rosenthal Speaker
Jason Rosenthal
Speaker on The Journey Through Loss and Grief
Peter Maurer Speaker
Peter Maurer
President of the International Red Cross Committee
Jakob Kellenberger Speaker
Jakob Kellenberger
President of swisspeace
Doug Woodring Speaker
Doug Woodring
Innovative Ocean Advocate and Conservationist
Lauren Bush Lauren Speaker
Lauren Bush Lauren
Co-Founder of FEED Projects
Pam Tebow Speaker
Pam Tebow
Women's Ministry Speaker
Dr. Willie Parker Speaker
Dr. Willie Parker
Physician and Reproductive Justice Advocate
Kate Raworth Speaker
Kate Raworth
'Renegade' Economist and Advocate for Sustainable Growth
Max Roser Speaker
Max Roser
Economist and Global Trends Researcher
Ian Birrell Speaker
Ian Birrell
British Foreign Correspondent and Award Winning Journalist
David Nott Speaker
David Nott
Expert Warzone Surgeon
Julia Shaw Speaker
Julia Shaw
Scientist & Expert on Criminology and Psychology
Jamie Catto Speaker
Jamie Catto
Creative catalyst, mentor, coach
Linda Papadopoulos Speaker
Linda Papadopoulos
Well-known and respected Psychologist