Marketing – Communications Speakers

Marketing and communications are essential tools for strengthening your business message, branding, connecting with your audience and attracting potential clients.

Chartwell represents several renowned marketing and communications speakers. These experts share their experiences, insights and knowledge on the effective development and delivery of marketing strategies and methods to achieve your campaign goals.

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Marketing – Communications speakers

Dafna Kaplan speaking
Dafna Kaplan Speaker
Dafna Kaplan
Founding CEO of Cassette, industralised construction venture
Kevin Chesters Speaker
Kevin Chesters
Leading Marketing Strategist and Co-Author of "The Creative Nudge"
Alan Rusbridger Speaker
Alan Rusbridger
Visionary Editor, Author and Media Pioneer
Daisy Rogers Speaker
Daisy Rogers
Professional artist, writer, creative director, Founder of Liberally and speaker on diversity
Martina Olbert Speaking
Martina Olbert Speaker
Martina Olbert
Humanist, social scientist and global thinker reimagining the future of business, brands and commerce as a force for good and meaningful growth
Flavilla Fongang Speaker
Flavilla Fongang
Founder of Branding and Experiential Marketing Agency, 3 Colours Rule and Brand Advisor to the BBC
Jessica Gioglio presenting
Jessica Gioglio Speaker
Jessica Gioglio
Marketing expert and Founder, With Savvy Media & Marketing
Andy Coulson Speaker
Andy Coulson
Former Editor, News of the World & Former Director of Communications, Downing Street
Anna Piperal Speaker
Anna Piperal
Expert on Marketing and E-Governance
Koen Schobbers speaking
Koen Schobbers Speaker
Koen Schobbers
Gaming and esports expert
Bill Walshe Speaker
Bill Walshe
Chief Executive Officer, Viceroy Hotel Group
Emilie R. Feldman Speaker
Emilie R. Feldman
Professor of Management, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Maithreyi Seetharaman Speaker
Maithreyi Seetharaman
International broadcaster across business, economy, civil society and the economy
Kathryn Strachan Speaker
Kathryn Strachan
CEO of CopyHouse – a global content marketing agency
Rob Pierre Speaker
Rob Pierre
Investor, Advisor, Founder & Former CEO of Jellyfish
Samuel Gregory Speaker
Samuel Gregory
Human Rights Technologist
Marianna Spring Speaker
Marianna Spring
Journalist and disinformation specialist
Lucy Fisher Speaker
Lucy Fisher
Journalist, broadcaster, and author
Simon Squibb Speaker
Simon Squibb
Founder of HelpBnk, Entrepreneur & Angel Investor
Silvia Garcia Speaker
Silvia Garcia
Former Global Marketing & Happiness Institute Director for Coca-Cola