Marketing – Communications Speakers

Marketing and communications are essential tools for strengthening your business message, branding, connecting with your audience and attracting potential clients.

Chartwell represents several renowned marketing and communications speakers. These experts share their experiences, insights and knowledge on the effective development and delivery of marketing strategies and methods to achieve your campaign goals.

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Marketing – Communications speakers

Charlene Li Speaker
Charlene Li
Founder and CEO of Altimeter Group
Thomas Kolster Speaker
Thomas Kolster
Marketing activist, branding expert and sustainability professional
Alan Rusbridger Speaker
Alan Rusbridger
Visionary Editor, Author and Media Pioneer
Simon Mainwaring Speaker
Simon Mainwaring
Branding, ESG and Leadership Expert
Daisy Rogers Speaker
Daisy Rogers
Professional artist, writer, creative director, Founder of Liberally and speaker on diversity
Martina Olbert Speaker
Martina Olbert
Humanist, social scientist and global thinker reimagining the future of business, brands and commerce as a force for good and meaningful growth
David Coulthard Speaker
David Coulthard
World known Formula 1 Grand Prix driver, broadcaster, author and entrepreneur
Montel Williams Speaker
Montel Williams
Emmy Award Winner & Health Advocate
Daniel Langer speaking at an event
Daniel Langer Speaker
Daniel Langer
Most Featured Luxury Expert Worldwide
Flavilla Fongang Speaker
Flavilla Fongang
Founder of Branding and Experiential Marketing Agency, 3 Colours Rule and Brand Advisor to the BBC
Jessica Gioglio presenting
Jessica Gioglio Speaker
Jessica Gioglio
Marketing expert and Founder, With Savvy Media & Marketing
Andy Coulson Speaker
Andy Coulson
Former Editor, News of the World & Former Director of Communications, Downing Street
Johanna Maska Speaker
Johanna Maska
CEO, Global Situation Room and Former White House Aid to President Obama
Lee Cain speaking
Lee Cain Speaker
Lee Cain
Former Director of Communications at 10 Downing Street
Ann Handley Speaker
Ann Handley
Marketing expert
Denise Lee Yohn
Denise Lee Yohn Speaker
Denise Lee Yohn
Brand Leadership Expert
Robert McKee Speaker
Robert McKee
Storytelling Consultant
Samanah Duran Speaker
Samanah Duran
Forbes 30 Under 30, TV, Media Personality, Speaker and Podcaster
Anna Piperal Speaker
Anna Piperal
Expert on Marketing and E-Governance
Dan Cobley Speaker
Dan Cobley
Former Managing Director of Google, UK & I