Demographics & Population Speakers

Having a clear understanding of how populations are changing is critical to business strategy as well being key to effective government policies. With aging populations in many Western countries and large youth populations in Africa, Asia and LATAM, there are a mix of challenges and opportunities, unique to each region.

Chartwell Speakers work with a variety of subject matter experts including world class demographics specialists and speakers who focus on the impacts of demographic changes on healthcare, retail, insurance and housing.

demographics speakers

Demographics & Population speakers

Sarah O'Connor Speaker
Sarah O'Connor
Columnist and associate editor, Financial Times
Clint Laurent Speaker
Clint Laurent
CEO Global Demographics Ltd & Global Demographics Healthcare Ltd
Mauro Guillén Speaker
Mauro Guillén
Professor of Management and Vice Dean at the Wharton School
Richard Davies Speaker
Richard Davies
Award winning author, Director- Economics Observatory, Professor of Economics- Bristol University, Fellow at LSE's Centre for Economic Performance
Sarah Harper Speaker
Sarah Harper
World-leading Expert on Population Ageing and Advisor to European and Asian governments
Patrick Dixon Speaker
Patrick Dixon
Leading Futurist and Author - Chairman, Global Change Ltd
Dr. Paul Morland Speaker
Dr. Paul Morland
Expert in Demographics
Peter Francese Speaker
Peter Francese
Expert on US Demographics & Consumer Trends
Gerd Leonhard Speaker
Gerd Leonhard
Prolific futurist
Laura Deming Speaker
Laura Deming
Anti-Aging Pioneer
Meg Jay Speaker
Meg Jay
Clinical psychologist
G. Elliott Morris Speaker
G. Elliott Morris
Data-driven analysis of politics, public opinion, & democracy. Author of 'Strength In Numbers'
Bethany Allen Speaker
Bethany Allen
China reporter at Axios
Eliza Filby Speaker
Eliza Filby
Historian on generational dynamics
Jonathan Van-Tam Speaker
Jonathan Van-Tam
Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England (2017-22)
Kristin Surak Speaker
Kristin Surak
Professor of Political Sociology at the LSE
Alok Sharma Speaker
Alok Sharma
President of COP26 (2020)
Mark McCrindle Speaker
Mark McCrindle
Award-winning social researcher and renowned futurist
Ashley Fell Speaker
Ashley Fell
Social Researcher and Director of Advisory at McCrindle
Harry Dent Jr. Speaker
Harry Dent Jr.
Leading economist and New York Times bestselling author


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