Global Health Speakers

The topic of global health is at the forefront of conversation now more than ever before. The recent pandemic highlighted the importance of our global health systems as it quickly spread to all corners of the globe. As we navigate the recovery period, experts will be monitoring the health equity gap and other impacts on global health.

Chartwell works with a number of experts in global health, who can share in-depth insights, information and practical advice on current trends, progress and advancements across the industry, and how this could affect businesses.

Health Speakers

Global Health speakers

Ilaria Capua Speaker
Ilaria Capua
Director, One Health Center of Excellence, University of Florida - USA
Alanna Shaikh Speaker
Alanna Shaikh
Global Health and Biosecurity Expert
Jeremy Hunt Speaker
Jeremy Hunt
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer (2022-2024)
Clint Laurent Speaker
Clint Laurent
CEO Global Demographics Ltd & Global Demographics Healthcare Ltd
Jeffrey Hollender Speaker
Jeffrey Hollender
Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Expert
Ann Romney Speaker
Ann Romney
Best-selling Author & Former First Lady of Massachusetts
Matt Ridley Speaker
Matt Ridley
Best-selling Author, "The Rational Optimist"
Dr Nerina Ramlakhan
Nerina Ramlakhan Speaker
Nerina Ramlakhan
Acclaimed author and expert on Well-Being, Sleep and Personal Productivity
Jane Metcalfe Speaker
Jane Metcalfe
Founder and CEO, NEO.LIFE
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaker
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Research fellow at the Hoover Institution & Founder of the AHA Foundation
russ cook running
Russ Cook Speaker
Russ Cook
AKA "Hardest Geezer" - the first person to run the entire length of Africa
Penny Lewis Speaker
Penny Lewis
Leading expert on sleep, memory & mental health
Dan Buettner Speaker
Dan Buettner
Bestselling author on the "blue zone" hotspots, where people live longest lives
Kitty Liao Speaker
Kitty Liao
Visionary entrepreneur & engineer
Lara Lewington Speaker
Lara Lewington
Co-presenter of Click on BBC One and BBC News
Toby Ord Speaker
Toby Ord
Founder of Giving What We Can.
Carolin Roth Speaker
Carolin Roth
Senior producer and reporter at CNBC International, covering key economic and political events.
Jonathan Van-Tam Speaker
Jonathan Van-Tam
Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England (2017-22)
Beatrice Weder di Mauro Speaker
Beatrice Weder di Mauro
Globally recognized Swiss economist
Waheed Arian Speaker
Waheed Arian
Influential figure in the healthcare and medicine sector.


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