Birgit Vallmüür Keynote Speaker

  • Creator of a corporate legacy approach for sustainability leadership
  • Visionary who can enhance corporate and executive legacies
  • Formerly advised governments globally at PwC

Birgit Vallmüür's Biography

Birgit Vallmüür is the creator of an impactful corporate legacy approach to sustainable and responsible leadership, and expert speaker on sustainability leadership, corporate purpose and corporate legacy. Dr. Vallmüür presently focuses her efforts on businesses, particularly multinationals, to help lead change. She has utilized her expertise with listed and multinational companies, has taught management and executive education courses, developed and lead medium-term strategic budgeting and management of a sovereign nation, and advised governments globally. As a former senior civil servant, Dr. Vallmüür drafted a national foresight system for one of the most innovative and agile governments in the world – Estonia – and created a national base analysis for allocating €3.5 billion considering global future trends.

Her work advising finance ministries globally included the Finance Minister level from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Her experience with governments convinced her that the change the world needs must be more rapidly pursued than the government limitations and timelines allow. This motivates her to bring her 15 years of unique experience combining advisory services for private and public sector organizations, central senior roles in diplomatic settings, and academic expertise in management and governmental sciences to support businesses in creating value beyond wealth.

Dr. Vallmüür holds a PhD in Government and Politics. She is an expert in corporate legacies, a speaker, moderator, and founder of her boutique consultancy, a company she has maintained throughout her career. She is also a (r)Evolutionary at the 2020 cohort of Buckminster Fuller Institute and habRitual Design Science Studio.

She frequently contributes thought leadership in corporate and executive legacies on Substack. Dr. Vallmüür has made numerous speaking appearances internationally on corporate impact and promotes sustainability and environmental concerns. She has also held a surprise session on the values taught in business schools to faculty members of eleven leading business schools.

Keynotes by Birgit bring a fresh perspective as she has created a field of her own. Her views are thought provoking, at times contrarian, always inspirational, and consistently empower people to take action.

Speaking themes

  • Corporate legacy
  • The role of technology and design in corporate legacies
  • Executive legacy and executive freedom
  • The unexpected risks of corporate purpose (for CEOs and Boards)
  • Understanding the complexity of creating a corporate purpose – beyond one model fits all (for CEOs and Boards)
  • Business as a force for good and the role of multinationals in the global governance of responsible business
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