Space Travel and Exploration Speakers

Chartwell represents a number of Space Travel and Exploration speakers, including scientists, engineers and astronauts.

Our impressive Space Travel and Exploration speakers share lessons on hard work, determination and adventure, using exciting real-life stories from their work in outer space, that are relevant and inspiring for all types of audiences.

Space Travel and Exploration speakers

Dr. Kathy Sullivan Speaker
Dr. Kathy Sullivan
Astronaut, Explorer & Most Vertical Person in the World
Erin Sembroski Speaker
Erin Sembroski
Wife of SpaceX civilian astronaut, Chris Sembroski
Chris Sembroski Speaker
Chris Sembroski
Astronaut, SpaceX Inspiration4 human spaceflight mission
Garrett Reisman Speaker
Garrett Reisman
Mission Specialist Astronaut, NASA
Nahum performing
Nahum Speaker
Internationally renowned artist and first person to launch an interactive artwork to space
Ron Garan Speaker
Ron Garan
Former NASA Astronaut & F-16 Pilot
Brian Muirhead Speaker
Brian Muirhead
Vastly experienced innovator and leader at NASA and JPL
Terry Virts Speaker
Terry Virts
Former Commander of the International Space Station
Kirk Borne Speaker
Kirk Borne
Award-winning global expert in AI and all aspect of Data Science
Stephen Attenborough Speaker
Stephen Attenborough
Commercial Director for Virgin Galactic
Charles Bolden Speaker
Charles Bolden
Astronaut, NASA Administrator
Karin Nilsdotter Speaker
Karin Nilsdotter
Space Entrepreneur
Dara Ó Briain Speaker
Dara Ó Briain
Internationally acclaimed stand-up comic, broadcaster, moderator and author