Negotiation Speakers

Negotiation skills are critical for anyone who needs to secure agreements and to settle differences. Ideally, it is a process by which compromise or agreement is reached while avoiding argument and dispute.  Whether one is in sales or senior management, these are skills that can be learned.

Our negotiation speakers come from a range of backgrounds – from the diplomatic service, from politics, from law enforcement and from business.


Negotiation speakers

Suzanne Williams Speaker
Suzanne Williams
International Hostage Negotiator
Maria Witchell_Adventure
Maria Witchell Speaker
Maria Witchell
Polar Explorer, ex-Special Forces Army officer, MI5 operative and former professional kidnap & ransom negotiator
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Michelle Kelley Speaker
Michelle Kelley
Retired FBI Special Agent Hostage Negotiator
David King Speaker
David King
Sales Conference Speaker & Mentor
Claudia Winkler speaking
Claudia Winkler Speaker
Claudia Winkler
Founder of Negotiation Academy LLC
Pamela Barnum JD, MPA Speaker
Pamela Barnum JD, MPA
Former Undercover Police Officer & Federal Prosecuting Attorney
Catherine Ashton Speaker
Catherine Ashton
Diplomat, policy maker and author
Trevor Abrahmsohn Speaker
Trevor Abrahmsohn
CEO of The Glentree Group
Michel Barnier Speaker
Michel Barnier
French politician who served as the European Commission's Head of Task Force for Relations with the United Kingdom
Chris Voss Speaker
Chris Voss
Former FBI hostage Negotiator
Mike Lander Speaker
Mike Lander
Expert Negotiator and successful entrepreneur
Dom troulan
Dom Troulan Speaker
Dom Troulan
Former British Army Major and UK special forces
Sam McAlister Speaker
Sam McAlister
Former BBC Newsnight interviews producer
Deepak Malhotra Speaker
Deepak Malhotra Speaker
Deepak Malhotra
MBA Professor of the Year (2020), Professor of Business Administration - Harvard Business School, Award-winning author of "I Moved Your Cheese" and "Negotiation Genius"
Martin Richards Speaker
Martin Richards
Hostage and crisis negotiator, and kidnap management expert
Scott Walker presenting
Scott Walker Speaker
Scott Walker
International Kidnap for Ransom Negotiator and Former Scotland Yard Special Branch Detective and Military Intelligence Interrogator
Richard Mullender Speaker
Richard Mullender
Hostage negotiator and communication expert