Sustainability – Environment Speakers

Chartwell represents a range of speakers on sustainability, specifically around the environment.

Our range of impressive speakers share the environmental problems the world is experiencing, along with potential solutions and outcomes ahead. Their knowledge on the subject and sheer determination to spread the message is palpable and will leave your audience informed and ready to act.

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Sustainability – Environment speakers

Boyan Slat Speaker
Boyan Slat
Founder of The Ocean Cleanup
Johan Rockstrom Speaker
Johan Rockstrom Speaker
Johan Rockstrom
Director - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Founding Director - Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, Author of "Breaking Boundaries" and "Bankrupting Nature"
Joel Sartore Speaker
Joel Sartore
Photographer & Author
David Shukman Speaker
David Shukman Speaker
David Shukman
Independant Scientific Consultant Former Scientific Editor - BBC, Author of "Reporting Live from the End of the World" and "An Iceberg As Big As Manhattan"
Jose Graziano da Silva Speaker
Jose Graziano da Silva
Former Director General of the FAO
Jayson Lusk Speaker
Jayson Lusk
Food & Agricultural Economist
Doug McMaster Speaker
Doug McMaster
Michelin Starred chef and founder of zero waste restaurant
Sophia Kianni Speaker
Sophia Kianni
Climate Activist
Manu Prakash Speaker
Manu Prakash
Award-winning physical biologist and Inventor of "Foldscope"
Theo Thomas Speaker
Theo Thomas
Keynote speaker on clean water, rivers and environment
Roie Galitz Speaker
Roie Galitz
world renowned wildlife photographer and environmentalist speaker
Peggy Liu Speaker
Peggy Liu
Leading Chinese environmentalist
Sunita Narain Speaker
Sunita Narain
Director General of the CSE
Bryce Evans Speaker
Bryce Evans
Food historian, researcher and author
Alan Rusbridger Speaker
Alan Rusbridger
Visionary Editor, Author and Media Pioneer
Lo Sze Ping Speaker
Lo Sze Ping
Program Director for the Sequoia Climate Fund, covering China and Southeast Asia
Ye Qi Speaker
Ye Qi
Expert on China's enviromental policy
Lucy Siegle Speaker
Lucy Siegle
Opinion Leader, keynote speaker and moderator on climate, environment and nature issues
James Glancy diving
James Glancy Speaker
James Glancy
Filmmaker, wildlife conservationist and former Royal Marines Commando officer
Matthew Gitsham speaking at TED event
Matthew Gitsham Speaker
Matthew Gitsham
Professor of Sustainable Development and Director of the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability, Hult International Business School