Innovation Speakers

Chartwell’s expert Innovation Speakers draw on their personal and professional experience to speak intelligently about using innovation to create value and competitive advantage.

From a range of fields including technology, research and business, these speakers demonstrate an aptitude for challenging norms, going against the tide and forging their own path – and inspire their audiences to do the same.

Environmental Speakers

Exclusive Innovation speakers

Raina Kumra Speaker
Raina Kumra
Expert on Digital transformation and AI ethics
Jim Mellon Speaker
Jim Mellon
Visionary Entrepreneur, Investor and Author
Carl Benedikt Frey Speaker
Carl Benedikt Frey
Economics of Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work
Jane Metcalfe Speaker
Jane Metcalfe
Founder and CEO, NEO.LIFE
Valeria Nicolosi Speaker
Valeria Nicolosi
Professor of Nanomaterials and Advanced Microscopy at Trinity College Dublin
Margaret O'Mara Speaker
Margaret O'Mara
Expert on the History of Silicon Valley and the American Technology Industry
Anna Piperal Speaker
Anna Piperal
Inspiration Speaker and Digital Enthusiast
Karina Vold Speaker
Karina Vold
Philosopher of Artificial Intelligence
Adah Parris Speaker
Adah Parris
Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Cultural Strategist; TED2019 Emerging Innovator
Daniela Rus Speaker
Daniela Rus
Director of the MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)


Post Covid Technology & Innovation
Post-Covid: Technology / Innovation
Celebrating International Day Of Women & Girls In Science And Technology

Innovation speakers

Lara Setrakian Speaker
Lara Setrakian
Journalist and Trust Expert
Guy Kawasaki Speaker
Guy Kawasaki
Author and Innovator
John Sanei Speaker
John Sanei
Specialist in Human Science, Neuroscience, Quantum Technology, Futurism and Business Strategy
Leonard Brody Speaker
Leonard Brody
Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, best-selling author and media visionary.
Nahum performing
Nahum Speaker
Internationally renowned artist and first person to launch an interactive artwork to space
Roger Kneebone in surgery room
Roger Kneebone Speaker
Roger Kneebone
Professor, Imperial College London and Author, 'Expert: Understanding the Path to Mastery'
Samantha Moyo
Samantha Moyo Speaker
Samantha Moyo
Founder of Morning Gloryville
Emmanuelle Charpentier speaker
Emmanuelle Charpentier Speaker
Emmanuelle Charpentier
Awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Raina Kumra Speaker
Raina Kumra
Expert on Digital transformation and AI ethics
Jim Mellon Speaker
Jim Mellon
Visionary Entrepreneur, Investor and Author
Sir Peter Birkett Speaker
Peter Birkett Speaker
Peter Birkett
Founder and Strategic Advisor of Highgate Hill House School
Sheena Iyengar Speaker
Sheena Iyengar
S.T. Lee Professor of Business in the Management Department, Columbia Business School
Lina Srivastava
Lina Srivastava Speaker
Lina Srivastava
Social Innovation Strategist and Founder, Creative Impact and Experience Lab
Perrine Farque Speaker
Perrine Farque
Founder and Director of Inspired Human
Jeannine Carter Speaker
Jeannine Carter
Chief Innovator and Advisor, Delivering Happiness and internationally recognised expert on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB)
Brian Muirhead Speaker
Brian Muirhead
Vastly experienced innovator and leader at NASA and JPL
Alexandre Lazarow Speaker
Alexandre Lazarow
Venture Capitalist & Forbes Columnist
Daniel Burrus Speaker
Daniel Burrus
Leading Futurist Speakers on Global Trends and Disruptive Innovation
Kenneth Cukier Speaker
Kenneth Cukier
Bestselling author on technology and business
Tharaka Gunarathne Speaker
Tharaka Gunarathne
Consultant Clinical Psychiatrist

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