After Dinner Speakers

Chartwell represents a number of engaging After Dinner Speakers, set to captivate and inspire audiences with their stories. Our expert After Dinner Speakers are specialists in a range of different fields, such as economics, business, geopolitics, technology trends and current events.

After Dinner speakers

Matthew Campbell Speaker
Matthew Campbell
Co-author of FT finalist for book of the year, "Dead in the Water"
Victoria Evans Speaker
Victoria Evans
Sports lawyer and Guinness World Record holder
Ash Smith Speaker
Ash Smith
Former Coach to International Class Athletes
Frank Dikötter Speaker
Frank Dikötter
Acclaimed historian and writer on China
Ryan Shorthouse Speaker
Ryan Shorthouse
Founder and Chief Executive of BrightBlue; British Writer and Thinker
Cristina Odone Speaker
Cristina Odone
Founder & Chair of The National Parenting Organisation
Louis Rudd
Louis Rudd Speaker
Louis Rudd
Leadership, resilience and endurance expert
Dr. A. Wess Mitchell Speaker
Dr. A. Wess Mitchell
American Foreign Policy Expert, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs
Natalie Fée Speaker
Natalie Fée
Environmental Campaigner
Gideon Rachman Speaker
Gideon Rachman
Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, Financial Times
Mark Pattison Speaker
Mark Pattison
Former NFL player, successful entrepreneur and mountaineer
robin niblett
Robin Niblett Speaker
Robin Niblett
Expert Geopolitical Analysis - Director and Chief Executive, Chatham House (2007-2022)
Leanne Benjamin Speaker
Leanne Benjamin
Former Principal Dancer, The Royal Ballet
Jeffrey Hollender Speaker
Jeffrey Hollender
Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Expert
Yuval Noah Harari Speaker
Yuval Noah Harari
Expert on World History
Holly Walsh Speaker
Holly Walsh
Acclaimed Comedian & Writer
Jeffrey Archer Speaker
Jeffrey Archer
English politician and a best-selling author
Jana Revedin Speaker
Jana Revedin
Founder of UNESCO-Patroned Global Award for Sustainable Architecture
Ron Insana Speaker
Ron Insana
Transitioned from film to a key role in financial journalism with CNBC after an unplanned on-air appearance at FNN.
Fearne Cotton Speaker
Fearne Cotton
Founder of wellbeing brand, Happy Place


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