Fraud, Corruption and Corporate Crime Speakers

We live in a world where individuals or groups take advantage of others. While there are winners and losers in business, the line is crossed when the law is broken and deeds are immoral, whether petty online theft or major crimes involving huge sums and thousands of people.

These speakers chart these incidents and shine a light on crimes taking place globally. The aim is to call out where misdeeds have happened and alert others to avoid these pitfalls. It’s important for regulators to be vigilant and forward thinking in their work to forestall these activities.

Fraud speakers

Fraud, Corruption and Corporate Crime speakers

Tom Burgis Speaker
Tom Burgis
Award-winning investigative journalist - bestselling author of 'Kleptopia'
Tom Wright Speaker
Tom Wright
Bestselling author & Investigative journalist
Claer Barrett Speaker
Claer Barrett
Consumer Editor at Financial TImes - Multiple awards for being 'Commentator of the Year'
Matthew Campbell Speaker
Matthew Campbell
Co-author of FT finalist for book of the year, "Dead in the Water"
Carole Cadwalladr Speaker
Carole Cadwalladr
Pulitzer-Nominated Investigative Journalist
Emma Briant speaking
Emma Briant Speaker
Emma Briant
Speaker on data-driven digital influence, information warfare and contemporary propaganda.
Pav Gill Speaker
Pav Gill
Expert in ethical corporate governance for payments and digital assets
Dan McCrum Speaker
Dan McCrum
Investigative Journalist - Author of 'Money Men: A Hot Startup, A Billion Dollar Fraud, A Fight for the Truth'
Oliver Bullough Speaker
Oliver Bullough
Investigative journalist and critically acclaimed author of 'Butler to the World' and 'Moneyland"
Maria Ressa Speaker
Maria Ressa Speaker
Maria Ressa
Award-winning Investigative Journalist and Author, Co-founder, CEO & Executive Editor - Rappler, Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2021)
Nina Schick Speaker
Nina Schick
Author of "Deep Fakes" and advisor on Generative AI
Charlie Mcmurdie Speaker
Charlie Mcmurdie Speaker
Charlie Mcmurdie
Former head of Police National Cyber Crime Unit, Senior Cyber Crime Advisor - PwC, Honorary Fellow - Universit of Warwick
Simon Clark Speaker
Simon Clark
Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist and author
Mary Aiken Speaker
Mary Aiken
World's leading forensic cyberpsychologist
Bradley Hope Speaker
Bradley Hope
Co-Author, New York Times bestseller 'Billion Dollar Whale'
Everett Stern Speaker
Everett Stern
CEO and Intelligence Director of Tactical Rabbit
Geoff White Speaker
Geoff White
Investigative journalist & digital technology specialist
Simon Taylor Speaker
Simon Taylor
Head of Content & Strategy at Sardine - Co-Founder of 11:FS
Bill Browder Speaker
Bill Browder
British based Financier, Political Activist & Author
Michael Woodford Speaker
Michael Woodford
Famed Whistleblower & Former CEO, Olympus Industries


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