Francis Wolff Paris, France

  • French Philosopher and Author
  • Professor Emeritus at the L'ENS in Paris
  • Expert in Humanity, Music, Love and Moral Responsibility


Francis Wolff is a celebrated French author and philosopher and Professor Emeritus of Philosophie at L’Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, France. He has also held the Chair of Philosophy a Departamento de Filosofia at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Since the end of the 1990s, Francis Wolff’s research has sketched out the contours of a personal philosophy, whose method is as argumentative as the so-called analytical philosophy and as deeply rooted in tradition as so-called continental philosophy.

Wolff’s works and publications take three main directions that explore and intersect:

  • A Logico-Ontological axis, exemplified by his two books: “Telling the World” and “Why is there something rather than nothing?”
  • An Aesthetic axis, as demonstrated by his work “Why the music?” in which he shows the ontology of telling the world by the triangle of the arts: images, music and storytelling
  • An Anthropological axis – exemplified by his four works, “Our Humanity, from Aristotle to Neuroscience”, “There is No Perfect Love”, “Three Contemporary Utopias” and “A Plea for Humanity”

All of these works show what human beings share and what makes them all different.

Francis Wolff’s main interests and areas of expertise lie across four areas: Humanity, Music, Love and Moral responsibility. He argues that each of them can be used to describe how individuals interact with the world around them.

Francis is available to speak in French, Spanish and Portuguese.


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Francis Wolff - Qu'est-ce qu'un être humain?
Francis Wolff - Qu'est-ce qu'un être humain?
FRANCIS WOLFF // Serons nous immortels ?
FRANCIS WOLFF // Serons nous immortels ?

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