"To justify the market levels at January 2020, we needed a strong economy and wonderful earnings season. Instead, we are going to get a sudden and extraordinarily bad global recession"

Merryn Somerset-Webb in the FT – “Stock Market Crashes: Lessons From History”.  March 20th 2020

"This once-in-a-generation political risk event upends the basic global geopolitical narrative. Think of the great powers (the US, China, and the EU) as players at the poker table. The game has a clearly defined set of rules and patterns and who is winning (China, above all, recently) and who is losing (the EU, relatively) has not radically changed for quite a while. The coronavirus upends the game, thrusting all the cards high into the air. "

John Hulsman in Eurasia Review – “Coronavirus Could Offer EU Chance For Much-Needed Reform”. March 21st 2020

"The chorus of complaint last week on social media that the government was not doing enough is a sign that people are now telling the government what to do — which is how it should be in a democracy. A prime minister is being criticised for not ordering us to do things, but ‘advising’ us. Better than the other way round."

Matt Ridley in the Spectator – “We are about to find out how robust civilisation is”. March 21st 2020

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