Social Media Speakers

Social media is an important tool for any business and big tech platforms have influenced the way firms interact with clients and customers. We look to the experts for advice on how to stay ahead of trends, and for the latest insight on the associated ethical issues surrounding big tech and its regulation.

Chartwell represents several expert speakers who work in big tech and social media, able to provide insights on the fast-moving industry and where it is heading in the future.

Social media speakers

Social Media speakers

Alan Rusbridger Speaker
Alan Rusbridger
Visionary Editor, Author and Media Pioneer
Kenneth Cukier Speaker
Kenneth Cukier
Bestselling author & keynote speaker on emerging technology and business Deputy Executive Editor, The Economist
Ramesh Srinivasan Speaker
Ramesh Srinivasan
Expert on how ethical technology solutions can support innovation, diversity, equity and inclusion.
Carole Cadwalladr Speaker
Carole Cadwalladr
Pulitzer-Nominated Investigative Journalist
Christiane Vejlø Speaker
Christiane Vejlø
Member of the danish Prime Ministers Disruption Council
Paul Armstrong Speaker
Paul Armstrong
Leading strategist, author and speaker on the future of technology
Renée DiResta Speaker
Renée DiResta
Expert on Misinformation - Research Manager, Stanford Internet Observatory
Mike Isaac Speaker
Mike Isaac
Technology Journalist and Reporter for The New York Times
Jemima Goldsmith Speaker
Jemima Goldsmith
Successful Film Producing and Writing
Jenk Oz Speaker
Jenk Oz
Founder and CEO of Thred Media
Candace Nelson Speaker
Candace Nelson
Founder of Sprinkles & “Guest Shark” on Shark Tank
Jacob Silverman Speaker
Jacob Silverman
Journalist focusing on technology’s impact on society
Michal Kosinski Speaker
Michal Kosinski
Psychologist and Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University
hannah anderson 2
Hannah Anderson Speaker
Hannah Anderson
Co-founder of Social Chain
Jasmine Star
Jasmine Star Speaker
Jasmine Star
World-class speaker, podcast host, and CEO
Francis Foster Speaker
Francis Foster
Co-host of the smash hit Youtube show Triggernometry
Shehab Khan Speaker
Shehab Khan
Presenter and reporter on ITV's national bulletins
Kudzi Chikumbu Speaker
Kudzi Chikumbu
Global Head of Creator Marketing at TikTok
Grace Beverley Speaker
Grace Beverley
Formerly known by her online moniker GraceFitUK
Jordan Harrod Speaker
Jordan Harrod
World Renowned Research scientist


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