AI – Emerging Tech Speakers

AI is disrupting industries and playing an increasingly significant role in society. In 2020, AI technology was used during the development of the coronavirus vaccine and is set to contribute further to advancements in healthcare in the years to come.

We unlock phones with our faces, and enjoy digital assistants in our homes – AI is quickly becoming a commonplace luxury welcomed into our lives. Chartwell represents several AI and Emerging Technology experts, who share their insight, knowledge and exciting predictions for the future of tech.

AI – Emerging Tech speakers

Reema Patel Speaker
Reema Patel
Co-Founder, Ada Lovelace Institute and expert in technology ethics, diversity and public engagement
Genevieve Leveille Speaker
Genevieve Leveille
Principal Founder and CEO of agricultural-focused blockchain systems provider, AgriLedger
Jillian Kowalchuk smiling
Jillian Kowalchuk Speaker
Jillian Kowalchuk
Award-winning Tech Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Author
Suki Fuller speaking at event
Suki Fuller Speaker
Suki Fuller
Expert on intelligence, tech trends, connected data, social networks, surveillance, security, privacy, and tech ethics
Carl Benedikt Frey Speaker
Carl Benedikt Frey
Expert on The Future of Work and the Economics of Artificial Intelligence.
Kenneth Cukier Speaker
Kenneth Cukier
Bestselling author and keynote speaker on technology and business Deputy Executive Editor, The Economist
Jane Metcalfe Speaker
Jane Metcalfe
Founder and CEO, NEO.LIFE
Anna Piperal Speaker
Anna Piperal
Expert on Marketing and E-Governance
Karina Vold Speaker
Karina Vold
Philosopher of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, Technologist
Daniela Rus Speaker
Daniela Rus
Director of the MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)
Cathy Mulligan Speaker
Cathy Mulligan
Adviser on Digital Transformation, Big Data, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
Ramesh Srinivasan Speaker
Ramesh Srinivasan
Expert on how ethical technology solutions can support innovation, diversity, equity and inclusion.
Leesa Soulodre Speaker
Leesa Soulodre
Serial Entrepreneur and Innovator
Paul Armstrong Speaker
Paul Armstrong
Leading strategist, author and speaker on the future of technology
Jonnie Penn
Jonnie Penn Speaker
Jonnie Penn
Technologist, Best Selling Author, Historian
Jennifer Zhu Scott
Jennifer Zhu Scott Speaker
Jennifer Zhu Scott
Chairman of The Commons Project- former Principal, Radian Partners
james beacham
James Beacham Speaker
James Beacham
Particle physicist and science storyteller
Carissa Véliz Speaker
Carissa Véliz
Expert in technology and ethics at the University of Oxford
Henrik von Scheel speaker
Henrik von Scheel Speaker
Henrik von Scheel
Leading strategist, Futurist and Industry 4.0 Originator
Lauri Love Speaker
Lauri Love
Professional hacker, cybersecurity expert & political activist


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