New Speaker: Mina Guli, CEO of Thirst, ultra-athlete and global leader

Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Thrilled to announce that we are now working with Mina Guli, CEO of Thirst and co-founder of Peony Capital, for speaking opportunities worldwide.

Mina Guli speaker water crisis runner

Mina is a global leader, entrepreneur and adventurer passionate and committed to making a difference in the world. Following a 15-year successful career as a world leader in climate change, Mina has used her passion for running to increase awareness of the water crisis worlwide.  In 2016, she became the first person ever to run 40 marathons across 7 deserts on 7 continents, which she completed within 7 weeks. In recognition of her achievements, in 2016 Fortune Magazine named Mina as one of the 50 greatest leaders in the world.

“Mina Guli is a remarkable campaigner, change-maker and activist who has put herself through extreme challenges to achieve her goal of raising awareness for the water scarcity in the world. She is a hugely inspirational who can speak powerfully on making a difference, leading by example & over-coming adversity.”

Mina is now available for speaking engagements, events and conferences globally and if you’d like to know more, please contact her speaking agent Raleigh Addington for her fees, expertise and latest availability.