Inspirational Speakers

Chartwell represents several Inspirational Speakers who tell stories of their exceptional achievements, whether in sports, adventure, business or their personal lives.

These speakers connect with audiences, give advice on dealing with setbacks and overcoming personal struggles and empower people to be the best version of themselves.

Motivational Speakers

Exclusive Inspirational speakers

Ann Romney Speaker
Ann Romney
Best-selling Author & Former First Lady of Massachusetts
Anna Piperal Speaker
Anna Piperal
Inspiration Speaker and Digital Enthusiast
Ash Smith Speaker
Ash Smith
Former Coach to International Class Athletes
Ben Williams Speaker
Ben Williams
Former Royal Marine Commando
Dr. Kathy Sullivan Speaker
Dr. Kathy Sullivan
First American Woman to Walk in Space
Louis Rudd
Louis Rudd Speaker
Louis Rudd
Leadership, resilience and endurance expert
Charlotte Clymer Speaker
Charlotte Clymer
Transgender woman & Former Press Secretary, The Human Rights Campaign
Bryn Parry Speaker
Bryn Parry
Co-founder and former CEO of Help for Heroes
Mark Pattison Speaker
Mark Pattison
Former NFL player, successful entrepreneur and mountaineer
Jake Meyer Speaker
Jake Meyer
Record Breaking Mountaineer


Liza Pavlakos speaking at an event
Chartwell Interview with Liza Pavlakos
Touring The Middle East With Chris Gardner

Inspirational speakers

Manley Hopkinson Speaker
Manley Hopkinson
Authority on "Compassionate Leadership"
Helen Sharman CMG OBE Speaker
Helen Sharman CMG OBE
Britain's First Astronaut
Elin Hilderbrand Speaker
Elin Hilderbrand
NY Times Best-Selling Author & Cancer Survivor
Alan Chambers Speaker
Alan Chambers
Former Royal Marine Commando of 17 years
Ben Collins Speaker
Ben Collins
The Former Top Gear Stig
Kenton Cool Speaker
Kenton Cool
World-leading high-altitude climber
Dr. Edith Eva Eger Speaker
Dr. Edith Eva Eger
Acclaimed expert in trauma recovery, inspiring speaker, human dignity advocate, and author
Giles Duley Speaker
Giles Duley
Award-Winning Humanitarian Photographer
Inky Johnson Speaker
Inky Johnson
Motivational Leader and Former College Football Player
James Doty Speaker
James Doty
Founder & Director, Stanford Medicine Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE)
Roger Kneebone in surgery room
Roger Kneebone Speaker
Roger Kneebone
Professor, Imperial College London and Author, 'Expert: Understanding the Path to Mastery'
Lior Suchard Speaker
Lior Suchard
Illusionist and Mentalist
Robyn Kanner speaker
Robyn Kanner Speaker
Robyn Kanner
Senior Creative Director of the Biden/Harris Presidential Campaign
Samantha Moyo
Samantha Moyo Speaker
Samantha Moyo
Founder of Morning Gloryville
Liza Pavlakos speaking at an event
Liza Pavlakos Speaker
Liza Pavlakos
Successful entrepreneur, qualified psychotherapist and Founder of Positive Breakthroughs
Steve Emt Speaker
Steve Emt
US Curling Paralympian
Ron Garan Speaker
Ron Garan
Former NASA Astronaut & F-16 Pilot
Wendy Searle Speaker
Wendy Searle
7th Woman in History to Ski Solo to the South Pole
Andre Agassi Speaker
Andre Agassi
Tennis Legend & Philanthropist
David Meade Speaker
David Meade
Mentalist and Outstanding Keynote Speaker

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