Geopolitics Speakers

Geopolitics involves thinking and acting geographically and is the framework we use to understand the complex world around us. Geopolitics explains how countries, businesses and governments reach their political goals and control geographic features of the world.

Geopolitics looks at a particular use of power: how countries compete to control these entities within the international community. We represent some of best geopolitical analysts and practitioners from corporate, military, academic and government backgrounds who talk about geopolitics and the impact on business.

Geopolitics speakers

Geopolitics speakers

Gideon Rachman Speaker
Gideon Rachman
Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, Financial Times
Anne Applebaum Speaker
Anne Applebaum
Expert on International Affairs and Foreign Policy
Tina Fordham Speaker
Tina Fordham
Geopolitical Strategist for Business and Markets - Founder Fordham Global Foresight
Sir Alex Younger Speaker
Sir Alex Younger
Former Chief of MI6 - the Secret Intelligence Service
Nathalie Tocci Speaker
Nathalie Tocci
EU Political Advisor & Politics Professor
Mark Leonard Speaker
Mark Leonard
Expert on Geopolitics and Geoeconomics
Sona Muzikarova Speaker
Sona Muzikarova
Macroeconomist and public policy advisor
Mark Sedwill Speaker
Mark Sedwill
National Security Adviser (2017-20)
Mark Brolin speaking at an event
Mark Brolin Speaker
Mark Brolin
Independent British-Swedish political analyst, economist, commentator and author
Frank Dikötter Speaker
Frank Dikötter
Acclaimed historian and writer on China
Jack Losh Speaker
Jack Losh
War correspondent and documentary filmmaker
Scott Kennedy Speaker
Scott Kennedy
Leading authority on Chinese economic policy
Ghida Fakhry moderating doha debates
Ghida Fakhry Speaker
Ghida Fakhry
International Broadcast Journalist and Moderator
Martin Chorzempa Speaker
Martin Chorzempa
Expert on financial technology and digital currency
Leslie Vinjamuri Speaker
Leslie Vinjamuri
Expert on international security, intervention, and geopolitics.
Lizz T
Liz Truss Speaker
Liz Truss
Former Prime Minister of the UK
Maria Repnikova Speaker
Maria Repnikova
Associate Professor in Global Communication at Georgia State University
Samir Puri Speaker
Samir Puri
Bestselling author and former UK diplomat
natasha lance
Natasha Lance Rogoff Speaker
Natasha Lance Rogoff
Award-winning television producer & writer
Yanzhong Huang Speaker
Yanzhong Huang
Global Health Specialist and Senior Fellow for Global Health at Council on Foreign Relations


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