Mathematics and Statistics Speakers

Chartwell represents several Mathematics and Statistics Speakers, who are experts in their field and passionate about numbers.

Our engaging experts show why mathematics, statistics and numbers are relevant for today’s society, and help audiences to understanding the patterns and algorithms that govern the world we live in.

Mathematics and statistics

Mathematics and Statistics speakers

james beacham
James Beacham Speaker
James Beacham
Particle physicist and science storyteller
Lauri Love Speaker
Lauri Love
Professional hacker, cybersecurity expert & political activist
Chris Wiggins Speaker
Chris Wiggins
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics at Columbia & Chief Data Scientist at The New York Times
Sal Khan Speaker
Sal Khan
Founder of The Khan Academy and the Khan Lab School
Max Tegmark Speaker
Max Tegmark Speaker
Max Tegmark
Professor of Physics & AI Research - MIT, President of Future of Life Institute and Scientific Director of Foundational Questions Institute, Author of "Our Mathematical Universe" and "Life 3.0"
Liv Boeree Speaker
Liv Boeree Speaker
Liv Boeree
Former professional poker player and philanthropist
Neil Martin Speaker
Neil Martin
Formula One Strategist and Pioneered the use of data analytics in F1
Stian Westlake Speaker
Stian Westlake
Chief Executive of Royal Statistical Society
John H. Cochrane Speaker
John H. Cochrane
Former President and Fellow of the American Finance Association
Roger Penrose Speaker
Roger Penrose
Award-winning physicist, mathematician and Nobel Prize winner 2020
Ed Newton-Rex Speaker
Ed Newton-Rex
Former Product Director for TikTok and Snapchat
David Spiegelhalter Speaker
David Spiegelhalter
Keynote speaker who is a renowned Statistician
Hannah Fry Speaker
Hannah Fry
Author, Broadcaster and Associate Professor in the Mathematics of Cities - UCL