Change -Transformation Speakers

Managing change and creating transformation is a key skill to survive in today’s competitive world.   At the organisational level, this requires leaders and staff alike to recognise when to move away from formulas that worked in the past and to either adapt or reinvent principle, practices and processes.

As Darwin proved, it is the ability to adapt that will ensure the survival of the fittest.  This is as true for us humans as it is in nature.

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Change -Transformation speakers

Dido Harding Speaker
Dido Harding
CEO of the TalkTalk Group (2010-2017)
Kevin Chesters Speaker
Kevin Chesters
Leading Marketing Strategist and Co-Author of "The Creative Nudge"
Alan Rusbridger Speaker
Alan Rusbridger
Visionary Editor, Author and Media Pioneer
Martina Olbert Speaking
Martina Olbert Speaker
Martina Olbert
Humanist, social scientist and global thinker reimagining the future of business, brands and commerce as a force for good and meaningful growth
Chris Kane Speaker
Chris Kane
Practitioner, Author & Adviser on Commercial Real Estate and the Future of Work
Radek Sikorski Speaker
Radek Sikorski
Senior Statesman and Expert in Geopolitics
Maria Luciana Axente Speaker
Maria Luciana Axente
AI Ethics Expert
Geoffrey L. Cohen Speaker
Geoffrey L. Cohen
Professor of Psychology, Author of "Belonging: The Science of Creating Connection and Bridging Divides"
Julian Hitch Speaker
Julian Hitch
Master of Wing Tsun, Former Director of Well-Being at Leon Restaurants
Simon Mainwaring Speaker
Simon Mainwaring
Branding, ESG and Leadership Expert
Damian Cottle speaking
Damian Cottle Speaker
Damian Cottle
Commercial Training Pilot, British Airways and Founder, Pegasus Resource Management
piotr speaking
Piotr Prokopowicz Speaker
Piotr Prokopowicz
Expert in organiztional psychology
meg pagani
Meg Pagani Speaker
Meg Pagani
Thought leader on new leadership
susannah furr speaking
Susannah Furr Speaker
Susannah Furr
Designer, Art Historian and Author 
Charlotte Lockhart Speaker
Charlotte Lockhart
Co-founder and acting CEO of 4 Day Week Global
Andrew Barnes Speaker
Andrew Barnes
Founder of 4 Day Week Global
Damian Hughes Speaker
Damian Hughes Speaker
Damian Hughes
Visiting Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change - Oxford University, Co-founder and Co-host - The High Performance Podcast, Founder - LiquidThinker
Radia Perlman Speaker
Radia Perlman
Distinguished inventor, software designer and network engineer
Bruce Whitfield speaking
Bruce Whitfield Speaker
Bruce Whitfield
Journalist, author and keynote speaker on business, politics and society
Amanda Johnstone Speaker
Amanda Johnstone
Technologist, inventor and investor in emerging technologies


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