Karen O'Donnell
editor at Chartwell Speakers

This is a monumental year for elections across the world but one key election vote is in the US this November. The impact of the US election will be felt domestically but will have repercussions globally. Ensuing policy decisions will affect international security measures, trading tariffs and be seen through many other tangible outcomes.

While we may assume who we know the two front runners for the role of US President, much can change in the months ahead and so all scenarios ought to be explored and evaluated.

Chartwell’s expert teams based across Europe, the US and AsiaPac represent a comprehensive range of speakers who offer varied and informed perspectives.

Speakers to consider on this are:

Anne Applebaum smiling

Anne Applebaum

Staff Writer for The Atlantic, Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Author of “Autocracy: The Dictators Who Want To Run The World” (forthcoming) and “Twilight of Democracy”

G. Elliot Morris

Editorial Director of Data Analytics at ABC News (and 538.com), Author of “Strength In Numbers: How Polls Work and Why We Need Them”

Ryan Hass headshot

Ryan Hass

Foreign policy analyst, Director at the Brookings Institution, Author of “Stronger: Adapting America’s China Strategy in an Age of Competitive Independence”,  former advisor to Barack Obama

Tina Fordham headshot

Tina Fordham

Leading geopolitical strategist and advisor to the C-Suite on the intersection of politics, business, environment and social change

Anthony Gardner

Anthony Gardner

Author of “Stars with Stripes: A New Era in US-EU Relations”, United States Ambassador to the European Union (2014-2017)

Kim Darroch

British Ambassador to the United States (2016-2019) and author of “Collateral Damage: Britain, America and Europe in the Age of Trump”

matthew kaminski

Matthew Kaminski

Editor-At Large at POLITICO, writer of new column on Geopolitics of 2024 

Gideon Rachman

Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator at Financial Times and Author of “The Age of The Strongman: How the Cult of the Leader Threatens Democracy Around the World”

Kishore Mahbubani speaker

Kishore Mahbubani

President of UN Security Council (2001, 2002) and expert on the rise of Asia and US Diplomatic Relations

Leslie Vinjamuri

Director of the US and Americas programme at Chatham House and Professor of International Relations at SOAS University, London

Peter Mandelson

Former Member of Parliament, European Trade Commissioner (2004-2008) and Chairman of strategic advisory firm Global Counsel

Kurt Volker

Kurt Volker

US Ambassador to NATO (2008-2009) and US Special Representation for Ukraine Negotiations (2017-2019)

Other speakers who can address aspects of the US Elections 2024 are listed here.