Tina Fordham Keynote Speaker

  • Independent Geopolitical Strategist advising the C-Suite on the business implications of global developments
  • First Chief Global Political Analyst on Wall St; established Eurasia Group's financial markets research business; senior adviser to UN
  • Member of International Advisory Board, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs and Forbes contributor

Tina Fordham's Biography

Tina Fordham is a leading strategist and advisor to the C-suite, working at the intersection of geopolitics, the business environment and the drivers of social change.  A trailblazer in the field of political risk, Tina has 25 years’ experience advising senior leaders–from prime ministers and 3-star generals to boards, institutional investors and the United Nations—about the implications of global developments.

In 2022, she founded Fordham Global Foresight, an independent consultancy based in London to provide actionable, forward-looking guidance and helps firms raise their “PQ”–Political Quotient. She works independently so has no agenda other than to provide an holistic, data-driven approach which focuses on breaking down the complexity of geopolitics and providing actionable, forward-looking guidance. Current themes include populism, the return of geopolitical risk—including Russia-Ukraine and China-US/EU relations, the future of globalisation, and the “S” in ESG.

The first Chief Global Political Analyst on Wall Street (Citi) and the founder of Eurasia Group’s financial markets research business, Tina has served as a senior advisor in the U.K. Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit and was appointed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to the United Nations first High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment.

Experienced with presenting to demanding senior level audiences, she is known for her excellent call record and being brave about bucking conventional wisdom.   Her research and approach is analytically robust combined with a witty, engaging style. In her work, she addresses both the big existential questions and the key political, security and trade themes and signposts that will move markets, such as elections, sanctions and conflict.  She has been named in the world’s Top 100 geopolitical experts, alongside Condoleezza Rice, listed five times in the Financial News “Top 100 Women in European Finance” and included in Harper’s Bazaar’s 150 Visionary Women in Britain, among many other accolades.

A dual US-UK citizen based in London, Tina earned her Master of International Affairs degree at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and is a member of SIPA’s International Advisory Board. She is a frequent guest on Bloomberg, CNN and CNBC, and a contributor on leadership strategy for Forbes.

In 2020, Tina was appointed as a member of the International Advisory Board to the University of Cambridge’s Centre of Geopolitics.  This Board is comprised of 20 distinguished scholars and prominent practitioners, it will advise the Centre and champion its work.   She also sits on the advisory board of the independent foreign policy think tank Carnegie Europe.

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Tina Fordham's Speaking Topics

- Mapping geopolitical consequences and risks from the Ukraine war

- How leaders can improve their “PQ” (Political Quotient) to navigate an increasingly complex environment

- The growing intersection between geopolitics and ESG

-US Political Landscape - how the Biden administration is faring and thoughts on the 2024 elections

-Global Political Outlook - trends and consequences

-Key themes and Signposts (including Brexit, Russia, China, populism and the future of democracy “Vox Populi Risk”, Geopolitical Risks including Global Trade and Security)

-Gender Inclusive Growth

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Videos of Tina Fordham

Tina Fordham - Summary~Highlights Video
Tina Fordham - Summary~Highlights Video
MKT: 2022 Global Political Outlook
MKT: 2022 Global Political Outlook
Columbia SIPA | SIPA Alumni: Stories of Impact — Tina Fordham MIA '99
Columbia SIPA | SIPA Alumni: Stories of Impact — Tina Fordham MIA '99
Trade implications of the coronavirus outbreak
Trade implications of the coronavirus outbreak
CNBC March 2019 | High levels of disconnect among politicians around gender equality, analyst says
CNBC March 2019 | High levels of disconnect among politicians around gender equality, analyst says

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Comments & Testimonials

What a pleasure to have you at our Annual Conference and to get to know you. We got extremely good feedback from our audience on the geopolitical segment of the conference and your keynote.
Shipping Association
Your insightful and thought-provoking presentation on geopolitics played a significant role in the overall success of the event. We received lots of positive feedback – it was said to be one of the best speaker presentations on geopolitics that partners have heard in recent years.
Global Law Firm
Tina joined us as the keynote speaker for our Global Executive Conference and set the tone for the discussion with her insights on how geopolitics impact our businesses. Tina’s thought-provoking presentation and independent perspective was top-ranked by our senior executive team, and her concept of raising our “PQ”—political quotient—has continued to resonate across our internal dialogue.” -
Global Pharma Firm
Tina has made distinct, unique contributions to our understanding of both the intersection between geopolitics and Markets and the relationship between gender equality and economic performance"-,
Anne Richards CEO, Fidelity International
I have worked with Tina for more than 15 years; her analysis, judgment and insights have been invaluable to both our businesses and our clients in some of the toughest business environments we’ve ever witnessed. Her presentation style engages all audiences: she is a great communicator and people who meet her never leave without learning something new, thinking about an issue in a different way, or considering a path they had not considered previously. There is practically no market, geography, issue or theory she cannot address, so the Q&A sessions with her are always rewarding.
Jennifer Scardino Senior Executive Vice President; Head of Global Communications, Banco Santander
Tina was absolutely incredible and our clients were extremely impressed.
Major Law Firm, UK

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