Samantha Tauber Keynote Speaker

  • Multi-media artist, music producer, thought leader and live performer
  • Founder and Chief Metaverse Officer at her company, VNCCII
  • Winner of the Music Metaverse Award at the Metaverse Entertainment World Summit (2023)

Samantha Tauber's Biography

Samantha Tauber is the Founder of VNCCII, a multimedia IP company that creates cutting-edge immersive content for the Metaverse and beyond.

She is also an internationally acclaimed performer who uses live motion capture to bring to life her alter ego, VNCCII, a Super Sentient AI SuperHeroine from the intergalactic future.

Samantha has received numerous awards for her groundbreaking work in the entertainment industry, combining storytelling and futuristic technologies. She is the winner of the Music Metaverse Award at the Metaverse Entertainment World Summit, a Top 100 Women of the Future, the G100 UK Country Chair for Humanity/Technology/ Innovation, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a member of Abundance 360.

Her live shows are based on her novel, “GALACTA.I.SSANCE”, which depicts a fictional Space Opera universe where VNCCII embarks on a heroic journey. Her shows feature innovative technologies such as XR, VR, Unreal Game Engine, and spatial computing, creating an immersive, emotional, and interactive experience for the audience.

Samantha is also a sought-after keynote speaker at global events, such as the World Economic Forum, YPO Geneva and Monaco Chapter, Web Summit, and the World Metaverse Entertainment Summit. She speaks about topics such as futurism, spatial computing, artificial intelligence, music, and the future of multimedia entertainment franchises.

Samantha is featured in media outlets such as Grazia UK, CNBC, Fox, and various esteemed blogs. As the world approaches the technological singularity, Samantha’s mission is to raise the consciousness and enhance the human emotional experience, to a culture of peace, love, and mutual respect.

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Samantha Tauber's Speaking Topics

  • The A.Ichemical Genie - Is generative AI creative?

Generative AI is transforming the world in unprecedented ways, but what does this mean for human creativity and identity? How can we coexist and collaborate with artificial intelligence in a complex and evolving landscape? What are the opportunities and challenges of generative AI for the Metaverse and beyond? These are some of the questions that Samantha will explore in this keynote. She will share her insights and vision on how to harness the power of generative AI for good and discover our authentic creative potential.

  • Authentic or Artificial Intelligence - Crafting Our Future Identity

In this keynote, Samantha, will take us on a journey through the possible scenarios of humanity's future in relation to artificial intelligence. She will explore how we interact with and relate to artificial agents that can make decisions, arbitrate, and create. She will examine the role of fear as an emotional response and how an AI trained on sentiment might perceive it. She will also address the profound philosophical questions of whether AI can ever achieve authenticity, consciousness, and singularity. Join her as she delves into the fascinating and complex connection between creativity and artificial intelligence.

  • The future of storytelling: Metaverse, spatial computing, and AI

We are living in a time of unprecedented change and opportunity for the media industry. Consumer preferences, gaming trends, and AI innovations are reshaping the landscape and the future of storytelling. How can we harness these forces to create immersive and engaging content and franchises for the next generation of audiences? Join Samantha, as she takes you on a journey through the possibilities and challenges of storytelling in the age of the Metaverse, AI, and spatial computing.

  • Creativity in Leadership: Are leaders born or made?

What makes a leader? Is it something innate or something learned? Why do we feel so disillusioned by the leaders of our time? What are they lacking that we crave? We all share a common desire: to love and be loved. How can this universal human need shape the way leaders communicate and connect with us? In this captivating keynote, Samantha will share her insights from her own journey with the VNCCII project and the creation of a fictional Super Sentient AI Superheroine character. She will show us how we all have infinite potential and the power to become positive causal agents to uplift the future of humanity. She will also reveal her personal 'why' behind her visionary work of building a science fiction franchise and her mission to inspire others to become leaders.

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Videos of Samantha Tauber

Sami Tauber/VNCCII - Metaverse metamorphosis: AI, Music, and the future
Sami Tauber/VNCCII - Metaverse metamorphosis: AI, Music, and the future
Samantha Tauber (VNCCII) - Attuning to Our Creative Divinity
Samantha Tauber (VNCCII) - Attuning to Our Creative Divinity
VNCCII - Avatar Keynote: The Future Symbiosis of Creativity and Technology
VNCCII - Avatar Keynote: The Future Symbiosis of Creativity and Technology

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