Lauri Love Keynote Speaker

  • British expert on cybersecurity, hacking, surveillance and privacy issues.
  • Political activist against forced decryption laws.
  • Accused and prosecuted by the US Government of involvement with hacker movement, 'Anonymous' but won.

Lauri Love's Biography

Lauri Love is a professional hacker, cybersecurity expert and political activist in the cyber space.

With a long history of involvement in the exploration of digital systems and community activism, his story culminated in 2015 when the US Government accused him of cyberterrorism and sought to extradite him. Lauri was accused of involvement in an Anonymous hacktivist campaign following the tragic death of internet pioneer Aaron Swarz and also demonstrating vulnerabilities in a ‘prolific’ number of US government security systems including the DOJ, FBI, Federal Reserve Bank, Military, and NASA.

Lauri’s resulting victory in 2018 against extradition highlighted issues in the US federal criminal justice system, setting important legal precedents regarding prison conditions, sentencing guidelines, international jurisdiction and the tension between privacy and investigative powers in the age of cryptography.

Lauri now works in the design, development, testing and oversight of cybersecurity systems along with many other ventures.

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Lauri Love's Speaking Topics

  • • Cybersecurity & hacking

  • • Political activism in the cyber space

  • • The Dark Web

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Videos of Lauri Love

Rulebreakers: Alleged hacker Lauri Love - BBC World Service
Rulebreakers: Alleged hacker Lauri Love - BBC World Service
Lauri Love on computers, autism and extradition
Lauri Love on computers, autism and extradition

Articles, Media & Podcasts

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