Generative AI

Speakers on the Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard revolutionising multiple industries.
ChatGPT speakers


Revolutionary Generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, promise to change the way we work. ChatGPT was the first AI-powered chatbot on the scene, introduced by San Francisco-based OpenAI. It uses a large language model to generate human-like responses, completing a variety of language tasks from solving code to writing essays and poems, and impressed many in the tech world, including Microsoft who invested $10 billion into the tool.

The Google management team were said to have declared “code red”, and shortly after unveiled their own experimental conversational AI tool, Bard.

These exciting and impressive developments are making waves in the tech world.  One thing is certain, Generative AI is set to transform industries and has already drastically changed the landscape of Big Tech.  These speakers provide their expertise on the latest development in Generative AI and share their insights and predictions for the future.

Generative AI speakers

Carl Benedikt Frey Speaker
Carl Benedikt Frey
Expert on The Future of Work and the Economics of Artificial Intelligence.
Kenneth Cukier Speaker
Kenneth Cukier
Bestselling author & keynote speaker on technology and business Deputy Executive Editor, The Economist
Daniela Rus Speaker
Daniela Rus
Director of the MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)
Ramesh Srinivasan Speaker
Ramesh Srinivasan
Expert on how ethical technology solutions can support innovation, diversity, equity and inclusion.
Mark P. Mills Speaker
Mark P. Mills
Expert on Energy Transitions and Emerging Technologies
Javier Espinoza Speaker
Javier Espinoza
FT's EU Correspondent - covering Competition, Digital and Financial Services policy
Carissa Véliz Speaker
Carissa Véliz
Expert in technology and ethics at the University of Oxford
Nir Eyal Speaker
Nir Eyal
Best-selling author of 'Indistractable' and 'Hooked'
Kai-Fu Lee Speaker
Kai-Fu Lee
Venture Capitalist, Entrepreseur & Author
Olaf Groth Speaker
Olaf Groth
Expert on Disruptive Technology Trends & Futures
Paul Armstrong Speaker
Paul Armstrong
Leading strategist, author and speaker on the future of technology
Gerd Leonhard Speaker
Gerd Leonhard
Prolific futurist
Sebastian Thrun Speaker
Sebastian Thrun
Founder, Google[x]
Nigel Shadbolt Speaker
Nigel Shadbolt
Professor of Computing Science, University of Oxford
Ayesha Khanna Speaker
Ayesha Khanna
Expert on the Global Economic & Political Impact of New Technology