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Well-Being and Resilience

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Being well and being strong, both physically and mentally has never been more important.  Yet, our society and our medical establishments place more emphasis on our physical health and less on our mental well-being.  It’s a bit like polishing a car but not looking after the engine.     

Why shouldn’t we put mental fitness on a par with physical health?  We have all experienced adversity in some regard in the last year. The global pandemic brought with it the need to find new approaches to achieving wellness and to reinforce our abilities to be more resilient, particularly during difficult times

Firms that recognise that overall health is a key priority are more likely to have staff that will work well and who will stay and grow with them.  Now more than ever, the firms that show flexibility and provide tangible support will likely reap the benefit in terms of loyalty and productivity.  Great employees work for great companies – they have choices in where to give their talents.

If staff feel appreciated and are supported, they will in turn value and work well with colleagues, clients and customers.  In the months and years to come, we must all face many changes and this takes fortitude and strength of mind.  Some firms will not make it, others will do very well.   

We need to stay sharp and open to new opportunities and to have the confidence and self-belief to make things happen.  Firms and people that are fit and focused, in body and mind, are most likely to thrive in the months and years ahead.


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