The Biden Administration


Donald Trump’s Presidency has started trade wars, embraced strongmen, and populist governments, and withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement. But how much will U.S. foreign policy change over the next 4 years?

These experts are well-placed to comment on a Biden Administration’s approach to the big issues facing the US and its relationship with the world.

Exclusive The Biden Administration speakers

Tina Fordham Speaker
Tina Fordham
Partner & Head of Global Political Strategy, Avonhurst
Margaret O'Mara Speaker
Margaret O'Mara
Expert on the History of Silicon Valley and the American Technology Industry
Gideon Rachman Speaker
Gideon Rachman
Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, Financial Times
Martin Wolf Speaker
Martin Wolf
Associate Editor and Chief Economics commentator, Financial Times
Gérard Araud Speaker
Gérard Araud
Former Ambassador of France to the United States (2014-2019)
John Hulsman Speaker
John Hulsman
Expert Geopolitical Analyst
Janan Ganesh Speaker
Janan Ganesh
Leading Commentator on UK Politics

The Biden Administration speakers

Zach Carter Speaker
Zach Carter
Senior Reporter at HuffPost
Edward Luce Speaker
Edward Luce
U.S. National Editor, Financial Times
KT McFarland Speaker
KT McFarland
Prominent Conservative Foreign Policy Expert in the U.S.
Bakari Sellers Speaker
Bakari Sellers
CNN Commentator & Former South Carolina House of Representative
Max Abrahms Speaker
Max Abrahms
Leading Expert on Terrorism
James Rubin Speaker
James Rubin
High Profile Commentator on International Affairs
Katty Kay Speaker
Katty Kay
Lead Anchor, BBC World News America
Nicholas Burns Speaker
Nicholas Burns
Former US Ambassador to NATO


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