Sustainable Investing

Are Your Sustainable Investments as 'Green' as they should be?


Our planet is in peril – we must act now to prevent further damage.

From how we grow food, to travel, ocean acidification to carbon taxes, to reducing emissions – we can do more.  How can international investors take more of a leadership role in this process?  We see more and more leading investors seeking out ethical and sustainable funds and are actively divesting away from traditional asset classes that who do not meet this standard.  It is vital however that sustainable funds are as green as they claim to be and this is vital for their integrity and for the reputation of all involved.   Our planet needs the business world to mobilise its efforts and in the right way.

Speakers we represent on this subject include investors, policy advisers, economists, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Exclusive speakers: Sustainable Investing

Matthew Gitsham Speaker
Matthew Gitsham Speaker
Matthew Gitsham
Professor of Sustainable Development and Director of the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability, Hult International Business School
Chris Kane Speaker
Chris Kane Speaker
Chris Kane
Practitioner, Author & Adviser on Commercial Real Estate and the Future of Work
Jim Mellon Speaker
Jim Mellon
Visionary Entrepreneur, Investor and Author
Martin Sandbu Speaker
Martin Sandbu
European Economics Commentator, Financial Times
Barbara Krumsiek Speaker
Barbara Krumsiek
Globally Recognized Leader in Sustainable Investing
Martin Wolf Speaker
Martin Wolf Speaker
Martin Wolf
Associate Editor and Chief Economics commentator, Financial Times
Mike Berners-Lee Speaker
Mike Berners-Lee Speaker
Mike Berners-Lee
Expert and author on climate change and sustainability
Jim O’Neill Speaker
Jim O’Neill
Economist and Policy Maker

Sustainable Investing speakers

Holly  Mackay Speaker
Holly Mackay
Investment Insights - Founder and Managing Director of Boring Money.
Ma Jun Speaker
Ma Jun
Founding Director of the IPE
Paul Polman Speaker
Paul Polman Speaker
Paul Polman
CEO, Unilever (2009-18) - Co-Founder and Chair, IMAGINE
John Elkington Speaker
John Elkington
Advocate and leading authority on corporate responsibility and sustainable development
Fiona Reynolds Speaker
Fiona Reynolds
CEO of the PRI
George Serafeim Speaker
George Serafeim Speaker
George Serafeim
Expert on ESG Investing
Chuka Umunna Speaker
Chuka Umunna
Managing Director & Head of ESG (EMEA), J. P. Morgan
Indranil Ghosh Speaker
Indranil Ghosh
Sustainable Investor, Entrepreneur, Author, Strategic Advisor
Mike Barry Speaker
Mike Barry
Sustainable Change Maker, helping build better businesses
Christiana Figueres Speaker
Christiana Figueres
Diplomat and former UN Executive Secretary
Marga Hoek Speaker
Marga Hoek Speaker
Marga Hoek
International thought leader on sustainable business
Gabrielle Walker Speaker
Gabrielle Walker
Expert on Climate Change Sustainability and helping businesses to meet these global challenges
Alex Edmans Speaker
Alex Edmans Speaker
Alex Edmans
Professor of Finance, London Business School
Kate Raworth Speaker
Kate Raworth Speaker
Kate Raworth
'Renegade' Economist and Advocate for Sustainable Growth
Adair Turner Speaker
Adair Turner Speaker
Adair Turner
Chairman, Institute of New Economic Thinking
Gerd Leonhard Speaker
Gerd Leonhard
Prolific futurist
Ronald Cohen Speaker
Ronald Cohen
Pioneering philanthropist, venture capitalist, private equity investor and social innovator
Leo Johnson Speaker
Leo Johnson
Expert in Business Sustainability
Jeremy Rifkin Speaker
Jeremy Rifkin
Leading expert on global energy policy
Jonathon Porritt Speaker
Jonathon Porritt
Co-Founder, Forum for the Future


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