Inflationary Times

Is the next global recession on the way?


With inflation rates reaching historic highs, there is growing pressure on employers and employees alike to keep ahead and to make ends meet.  Although many industries enjoyed a bounceback from lockdowns, they now facing growing energy bills, rising wage demands and all this in the midst of shortages and supply chain holdups as a result of the Pandemic and the Ukraine/Russia war.

Talk about Stagflation and Recession is back on the agenda not just in government circles but there is a real impact on firms, small and large, and on individuals, at home and internationally.    Chartwell has access to some of the best economists, central bankers and financial minds on the planet – based in Europe, the US and Asia.  Browse the speaker ideas below or call for guidance to one of our offices.

Inflationary Times speakers

Martin Wolf Speaker
Martin Wolf
Associate Editor and Chief Economics commentator, Financial Times
Edward Chancellor Speaker
Edward Chancellor
Financial historian and journalist
Chris Giles Speaker
Chris Giles
Economics Editor, Financial Times
Jim O’Neill Speaker
Jim O’Neill
Economist and Policy Maker
Martin Sandbu Speaker
Martin Sandbu
European Economics Commentator, Financial Times
Merryn Somerset Webb Speaker
Merryn Somerset Webb
Senior Columnist, Bloomberg Opinion - expert on personal finance and investments.
Richard Davies Speaker
Richard Davies
Award winning author, Director- Economics Observatory, Professor of Economics- Bristol University, Fellow at LSE's Centre for Economic Performance
Willem Buiter Speaker
Willem Buiter
Professor of Economics, Former Banker and Insightful Commentator
Wolfgang Münchau Speaker
Wolfgang Münchau
Expert Insights on the European and Global Political Economies
Henry Curr Speaker
Henry Curr
Economics Editor, The Economist
Diane Coyle Speaker
Diane Coyle
Co-Director of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy at the University of Cambridge
Andy Haldane Speaker
Andy Haldane
Former Chief Economist at The Bank of England
Jean-Claude Trichet Speaker
Jean-Claude Trichet
Honorary Governor, Banque de France
Linda Yueh Speaker
Linda Yueh
Expert on the Chinese Economy
Matthew C. Klein Speaker
Matthew C. Klein
2021 Lionel Gelber Prize Winner and Co-Author, 'Trade Wars are Class Wars'
Maurice Obstfeld Speaker
Maurice Obstfeld
Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund (2015-2018)
Mervyn King Speaker
Mervyn King
Former Governor, Bank of England
Raghuram Rajan Speaker
Raghuram Rajan
Katherine Dusak Miller Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Jonathan Haskel Speaker
Jonathan Haskel
Financial advisor to governments and industries
Philip Hammond Speaker
Philip Hammond
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer


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