German Political Economy

Farewell Angela - Hello Olaf - a new German political era is here
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Germany is at a critical crossroads in terms of political and economic change.  Issues ranging from climate management, inflation, energy transition, Russia, immigration policy and economic performance are uppermost in everyone’s minds.

This is the perfect time to hear opinions and insights from our range of expert speakers. Each brings a unique perspective whether they are economists, political scientists, politicians or historians. ​

German Political Economy speakers

Mark Leonard Speaker
Mark Leonard
Expert on Geopolitics and Geoeconomics
Thomas J. Wright Speaker
Thomas J. Wright
Incisive analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy
Martin Sandbu Speaker
Martin Sandbu
European Economics Commentator, Financial Times
Wolfgang Münchau Speaker
Wolfgang Münchau
Expert Insights on the European and Global Political Economies
Joschka Fischer (DE) Speaker
Joschka Fischer (DE)
Bundesaußsenminister, Deutschland
Ivan Rogers Speaker
Ivan Rogers
UK Permanent Representative to the EU 2013-2017
Thomas Kielinger Speaker
Thomas Kielinger
London Correspondent, Die Welt
Günter Verheugen Speaker
Günter Verheugen
Former Vice-President of the European Commission
Inga Michler Speaker
Inga Michler
Business Reporter, Die Welt
Adam Posen Speaker
Adam Posen
President, Peterson Institute for International Economics
Theo Waigel Speaker
Theo Waigel
German Politician & one of the "Fathers of the Euro"
Peter Radunski Speaker
Peter Radunski
One of Germany’s Most Seasoned Political Campaigners
Johannes von Thadden Speaker
Johannes von Thadden
German Public Affairs Expert
Manfred Güllner Speaker
Manfred Güllner
Expert German Political Pollster
Joschka Fischer Speaker
Joschka Fischer
Former German Foreign Minister & Vice Chancellor