Emerging Technologies

Living Forever on Mars


Cryptocurrency, AI, robotics, decision intelligence… Just some of the key emerging technology trends to watch.  These speakers are able to speak to the incredible scientific and technological breakthroughs, both on earth, with advancing medical treatment and extended lifespans, as well as beyond, with the accelerating new space race.

Emerging Technologies speakers

Javier Espinoza Speaker
Javier Espinoza
FT's EU Correspondent - covering Competition, Digital and Financial Services policy
Maria Luciana Axente Speaker
Maria Luciana Axente
AI Ethics Expert
Evan Selinger speaking
Evan Selinger Speaker
Evan Selinger
Professor of Philosophy at Rochester Institute of Technology, specialising in tech ethics
Carissa Véliz Speaker
Carissa Véliz
Expert in technology and ethics at the University of Oxford
Lauri Love Speaker
Lauri Love
Professional hacker, cybersecurity expert & political activist
Boyan Slat Speaker
Boyan Slat
Founder of The Ocean Cleanup
Dhiraj Mukherjee Speaker
Dhiraj Mukherjee
Co Founder of Shazam, Angel Investor in Emerging Technologies and advocate for 'Tech for Good'
james clark speaking
James Clark Speaker
James Clark
Former Head of Tech & Lifesciences at London Stock Exchange
Marc Goodman Speaker
Marc Goodman
Global Security Strategies and Technology Expert
ciaran martin on panel
Ciaran Martin Speaker
Ciaran Martin
First CEO of National Cyber Security Centre
Jimmy Soni Speaker
Jimmy Soni
Author of 'The Founders'
Jonas Kjellberg Speaker
Jonas Kjellberg
Co-Founder of Skype and digital transformation expert
Pascal Bornet speaking
Pascal Bornet Speaker
Pascal Bornet
AI expert and member of Forbes Technology Council
Shazeda Ahmed Speaker
Shazeda Ahmed
Expert on China's social credit system
Stefan Hyttfors Speaker
Stefan Hyttfors
Futurist, author and one of Europe’s leading voices on disruptive technologies and behavioural change
Reema Patel Speaker
Reema Patel
Co-Founder, Ada Lovelace Institute and expert in technology ethics, diversity and public engagement
Elin Hauge speaking
Elin Hauge Speaker
Elin Hauge
Futurist and speaker on artificial intelligence
Azeem Azhar Speaker
Azeem Azhar
Speaker on the intersection of technology and society
Shafi Ahmed Speaker
Shafi Ahmed
World's first chief medical metaverse officer
Xiaowei R. Wang Speaker
Xiaowei R. Wang
Artist, Writer, Organizer, Coder and Author of 'Blockchain Chicken Farm'


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Speaker Spotlight: Kersti Kaljulaid