The burst of the Bitcoin bubble in 2018 appeared to justify the sceptics. Top investors such as George Soros and Warren Buffett had called it a ‘mirage’.

But, last year, Bitcoin was resurgent. Its price increased by 75% between mid-October and the start of December. Sceptics are wavering. Just as a technology boom eventually followed the dot-com bubble, might Bitcoin live up to the hype of its early advocates?

Cryptocurrency speakers

Charles Hoskinson Speaker
Charles Hoskinson
Founder of Cardano and co-founder of Ethereum
Charles d’Haussy Speaker
Charles d’Haussy
Managing Director at ConsenSys and digital currency expert
Yaya Fanusie Speaker
Yaya Fanusie
Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security
Leonard Brody Speaker
Leonard Brody
Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, best-selling author and media visionary.
Nicolas Babin Speaker
Nicolas Babin
Growth Hacker, Entrepreneur with International and Multilingual Experience
Angie Lau Speaker
Angie Lau
CEO & Founder of Forkast News, Thought-leader Blockchain Technology
Keith Herman Speaker
Keith Herman
Founder of IPA Equities
Alec Ross Speaker
Alec Ross
American technology policy expert
Daniel Susskind Speaker
Daniel Susskind
Expert on the Future of Work
Roman Yampolskiy Speaker
Roman Yampolskiy
Tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville
Timothy Enneking Speaker
Timothy Enneking
Founder and the primary Principal of Crypto Asset Management
Simon Taylor Speaker
Simon Taylor
Co-Founder and Head of Ventures at 11:FS
David M. Brear Speaker
David M. Brear
Former Global Director of Digital Banking in Gartner
Brian Forde Speaker
Brian Forde
Director of Digital Currency, MIT Media Lab
Jamie Bartlett Speaker
Jamie Bartlett
Specialist in Online Culture & Technology
Henri Arslanian Speaker
Henri Arslanian
Developed the First FinTech university course in Asia
Nouriel Roubini Speaker
Nouriel Roubini
Preeminent Economist