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How well are we playing our part to reduce damage to our planet?
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At the annual COP events,  heads of state from around the world gather to report back on progress made since the Paris agreement and to make new plans on how to further cut carbon emissions.
This affects us all whether at work or in our daily lives – we know we need to change our ways. This will be painful but it needs to happen – for all our sakes. An increasing number of major firms are committing to becoming carbon neutral or carbon negative. It will take more than an aspiration – it means we need to be innovative and resourceful as well as having the resolve to make the change. The pandemic showed us that we can adapt quickly when necessary – the challenge now is to avoid further pandemics by respecting the delicate balance between mankind, the earth and the climate.
We work with key experts and commentators from a range of disciplines – politics, policy making, economics and science – contact us to help find the right speaker for your event.


Cop - Climate Change Conferences speakers

Cara Augustenborg Speaker
Cara Augustenborg
Environmental Scientist
Patricia Espinosa Speaker
Patricia Espinosa
CEO and Founding Partner of Onepoint5 -Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (2016-2022)
Ben Rawlence Speaker
Ben Rawlence
Sustainability activist and award-winning author
Boyan Slat Speaker
Boyan Slat
Founder of The Ocean Cleanup
Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson Speaker
Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson
US Business Editor of the Financial Times
Nathalie Tocci Speaker
Nathalie Tocci
EU Political Advisor & Politics Professor
Joanna Yarrow Speaker
Joanna Yarrow
Expertise in sustainable business & ESG; sustainable living, communications & engagement.
Mary Robinson Speaker
Mary Robinson
President of Ireland (1990-1997), Campaigner on Climate Justice and Human Rights


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