How will it impact Business, Trade and Industry?


On 31st January, the UK officially left the European Union. Whilst Brexit continues to be a work in progress, certain changes are beginning to take shape, and the world is watching as the UK embarks on its new path.

Chartwell represents several speakers able to comment on the impact and legacy of Brexit, including how effectively both the EU and UK sides implement the new system and the consequences for Business and Trade.

Brexit speakers

Ian Morris Speaker
Ian Morris
Historian and Archaeologist - Stanford Professor
David Frost speaking
David Frost Speaker
David Frost
Led Brexit Negotiations as Chief Negotiator and Europe adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson (2019-21)
Arlene Foster
Arlene Foster Speaker
Arlene Foster
First Minister of Northern Ireland on two occasions (between 2016-21) and Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) (2015-21)
Mark Brolin speaking at an event
Mark Brolin Speaker
Mark Brolin
Independent British-Swedish political analyst, economist, commentator and author
Oliver Lewis Speaker
Oliver Lewis
Former Deputy Chief Negotiator in UK Government for UK-EU Trade Negotiations and Head of Research for ‘Vote Leave’
George Osborne Speaker
George Osborne
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer, UK Government (2010-16)
Chris Giles Speaker
Chris Giles
Economics Editor, Financial Times
Robert Shrimsley Speaker
Robert Shrimsley
Editorial Director of the Financial Times
Mauro Guillén Speaker
Mauro Guillén
One of the World's Foremost Experts on Global Trends
Jeremy Hunt Speaker
Jeremy Hunt
Longest serving UK Secretary of State for Health
Nick Timothy Speaker
Nick Timothy
British Political Adviser
Ivan Rogers Speaker
Ivan Rogers
UK Permanent Representative to the EU 2013-2017
George Parker Speaker
George Parker
Political Editor at The Financial Times
Dr John C. Hulsman Speaker
Dr John C. Hulsman
Top Geopolitical Analyst
Matthew Goodwin Speaker
Matthew Goodwin
Leading authority on UK and European politics
Wolfgang Münchau Speaker
Wolfgang Münchau
Expert Insights on the European and Global Political Economies
Robert Peston Speaker
Robert Peston
TV’s political editor, presenter of the politics show “Peston”,
Julia Hartley-Brewer Speaker
Julia Hartley-Brewer
Political journalist & broadcaster
Merryn Somerset Webb smiling
Merryn Somerset Webb Speaker
Merryn Somerset Webb
Editor in Chief, MoneyWeek, and Financial Times columnist


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