Fostering inclusive and supportive work environments, free from prejudice and discrimination.
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LGBTQ+ Pride is about fostering acceptance and equality across society, celebrating diversity, and addressing the threats to LGBTQ rights across the world. Businesses must have discussions on how to support their teams and create inclusive and supportive work environments, free from prejudice and discrimination.

Chartwell represents several speakers on the topics of diversity and LGBTQ issues, who can advise on best organizational practices for fostering inclusive environments.

Exclusive speakers: Pride

Daisy Rogers Speaker
Daisy Rogers Speaker
Daisy Rogers
Professional artist, writer, creative director, Founder of Liberally and speaker on diversity
Rico Jacob Chace Speaker
Rico Jacob Chace
LGBTQIA+ and Black Rights Activist
Charlotte Clymer Speaker
Charlotte Clymer
Transgender woman & Former Press Secretary, The Human Rights Campaign
Darnell Moore Speaker
Darnell Moore
Director of Inclusion Strategy for Content & Marketing, Netflix
Elif Shafak Speaker
Elif Shafak Speaker
Elif Shafak
Insightful and inspirational speaker on issues of equality, identity, new humanism, spirituality and geopolitics internationally.

Pride speakers

Mary Trump Speaker
Mary Trump
Clinical psychologist, businesswoman, speaker, and author of ‘Too Much and Never Enough’
Gareth Thomas Speaker
Gareth Thomas
Former Welsh Rugby Captain, former British and Irish Lions Captain and Author, ‘Stronger’, his book on living with HIV
Nicola Adams Speaker
Nicola Adams
Two-times Olympic gold medallist and former professional boxer
Emil Wilbekin Speaker
Emil Wilbekin
Former Editor-at-Large at Essence
Heather E. McGowan Speaker
Heather E. McGowan Speaker
Heather E. McGowan
Future-of-work Strategist
Nigel Owens Speaker
Nigel Owens
Motivational, After Dinner Speaker
Richard Coles Speaker
Richard Coles
After-dinner Speaker; Priest, Broadcaster and former Communard
Jennifer Brown Speaker
Jennifer Brown
Author, "Inclusion: Diversity, the New Workplace & the Will to Change"
Vivienne Ming Speaker
Vivienne Ming
Theoretical Neuroscientist, Technologist & Entrepreneur
Inga Beale Speaker
Inga Beale Speaker
Inga Beale
CEO, Lloyd's of London (2013-2018)
David Mixner Speaker
David Mixner
Human Rights Activist
Sarah McBride Speaker
Sarah McBride
Transgender Rights Activist & National Press Secretary, The Human Rights Campaign
Leah Gilliam Speaker
Leah Gilliam
VP of Education, Strategy & Innovation, Girls Who Code
Jennifer Finney Boylan Speaker
Jennifer Finney Boylan
New York Times Columnist & Transgender Rights Pioneer
Megan Smith Speaker
Megan Smith
Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States
Caroline Paige Speaker
Caroline Paige
Transgender Former British Army Officer
Liz Bingham Speaker
Liz Bingham
Business Leader and Diversity Campaigner
Emmett Jack Lundberg & Sheyam Ghieth Speaker
Emmett Jack Lundberg & Sheyam Ghieth
LGBT Activists, Creator and Producer of BROTHERS Original Series
Aritha Wickramasinghe Speaker
Aritha Wickramasinghe
International Lawyer and LGBT Campaigner
CeCe McDonald Speaker
CeCe McDonald
Transgender Activist