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Artificial intelligence is all around us, and only ever more so. From simple to complex processes in industry, to the algorithms that determine many of our online interactions, we benefit from and are subject to the influence of A.I. Far from being a reductive issue of just making day to day life easier for everyone, the rise of A.I. is laden with a series of ethical questions and considerations of real consequences.


What are the practical implications of A.I. augmented mechanisation with regards to labour forces? Can our automobiles, controlled by A.I., make the right kinds of moral decisions in moments of potential disaster? Is there a genuine risk in yielding too much of the running of our lives to, essentially, machines? At what point does an artificial intelligence become something more than artificial, and what does it mean for humanity when that threshold is crossed?


The field of artificial intelligence encapsulates some of the most fascinating thinking in the modern world, reaching into both intensely practical and theoretical discussions. Experts in the area can provide some of the most thought-provoking ideas, and generate the deepest of debates. Chartwell is fortunate to be able to represent some of these experts.


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