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Raleigh Addington
Raleigh Addington
editor at Chartwell Speakers

Speakers to look out for in 2019


As the often chaotic and at times unsettling year of 2018 has drawn to a close, we’re looking ahead at the key trends set to define 2019. From trouble in the global financial markets to the ongoing saga of Brexit and Donald Trump’s unpredictable handling of U.S foreign policy as well as the latest tech innovations, we’ve listed just some of our key speakers to inspire you as you plan your events program for the year.


Global Economy:

Brexit, trade wars, Italy’s fight with the European Union, renewed U.S. sanctions on Iran, a Chinese debt bomb, jittery stock markets, intermittent capital flight from developing nations, and more. But will strong U.S growth help to counter these effects? What is the global economic outlook for 2019?


Maurice Obstfeld – Chief Economist at the IMF until Dec 2018

Jean Tirole – Nobel Prize–winning economist

Jim O’Neill – Former Chief Economist at Goldman Sachs and coined the BRICs acronym

Jean-Claude Trichet – Former President of the European Central Bank

Adam Posen – President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics

David Daokui Li – One of China’s most influential economists

Adair Turner – Former Chairman of the Financial Services Authority

Gerard Lyons – Former Chief Economist at Standard Chartered and Economic Adviser for the Mayor of London

Pippa Malmgren – Former Special Assistant to the President of the United States for Economic Policy on the National Economic Council

Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg – Distinguished Statesman at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington D.C



With 2019 already underway, there is still no clear answer to the key Brexit questions – will the UK and the EU agree to the deal? Will there be a no-deal scenario and could there be a second referendum or a general election? What are the implications for the UK’s future relationship with the EU, the world and the global economy?


Ivan Rogers – Former UK Permanent Representative to the EU

Merryn Somerset-Webb – Editor in Chief of MoneyWeek

George Parker – Political Editor at the Financial Times

Julia Hartley-Brewer – Broadcaster and Political Journalist

Daniel Hannan – MEP and renowned Writer and Broadcaster

Matthew Goodwin – One of Europe’s leading political commentators and an expert on populism

Nick Timothy – Former Chief of Staff to Theresa May and named as one of two “Powerbrokers of Brexit” by the Financial Times

Ashoka Mody – Former Deputy Director in the International Monetary Fund’s Research and European Departments

Jonathan Hill – European Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union and leading authority on the outlook for the EU’s financial services industry



Will the U.S President strike a trade deal with China and could the new House Speaker be under increasing pressure to impeach him? Meanwhile, Europe is on the brink of a momentous 2019 – with a badly weakened Angela Merkel unlikely to serve out her full term as Chancellor, France’s Emmanuel Macron seized by a crisis of credibility and right wing Eurosceptic parties likely to win a record number of seats in the European Parliamentary elections, not to mention Brexit. An increasingly assertive China as well as new populist leaders in Brazil, Mexico and Italy will all contribute to an unpredictable and volatile backdrop for 2019.


Robin Niblett – Director of Chatham House

Robert D. Kaplan – Bestselling author and expert on foreign affairs

Bridget Kendall – Recognised authority on Russia and East West relations

Joschka Fischer – Former Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Germany

Keyu Jin – Expert on globalisation, international finance and the Chinese economy

Niall Ferguson – One of the most influential commentators on geopolitics and the global economy

DJ Patil – One of the most influential data scientists in the world and former White House Chief Data Scientist

Ian Bremmer – American political scientist specialising in US foreign policy, states in transition, and global political risk

John Hulsman – Former Washington Insider and leading expert on the political economy of the EU, US, Emerging Markets, and the Middle East


Continued Rise of Asia:

The foundations for President Xi Jinping’s domestic and foreign visions, packaged as “New Era”, have been laid in the last 18 months, meaning that 2019 will see them begin to materialise. These will have broad implications for the wider world, including China-centric trade deals, more surveillance, power grabs and an ever increasing influence in developing nations. India and Indonesia are predicted to grow near on trend in 2019, thus increasing competition for resources and influence in the region.


Andrew Sheng – Chief Adviser to the China Banking Regulatory Commission

Jesper Koll – One of Japan’s most influential economic advisers and commentators

Clay Chandler – Hong Kong based Executive Editor for the international division of Time Inc.

Humphrey Hawksley – Author and long time BBC correspondent and expert on the expansion of China

Martin Roll – Best-selling author of “Asian Brand Strategy” and Senior Adviser to Fortune 100 & Asian Family Firms

Steve Tsang – Professor of Contemporary Chinese studies and Director Chinese Policy Institute, Nottingham University

Peter Nolan – The FT have said he knows more about Chinese companies and their international competition than anyone else

Zhe Sun – Co-director of China Initiative and senior research fellow at the school of international and public affairs of Columbia University

Rana Mitter – Expert in the history and politics of modern China giving clear insights into rethinking how China operates as a global power in the 21st century


Entrepreneurship/ Corporate Leadership:

The importance of effective corporate leadership, at all levels, remains critical to businesses across the globe. Our speakers range from founders of highly successful startups to CEO’s of some of the biggest global corporations. Their insights and experiences in leading businesses through change, uncertain times, and ultimately to success, offer invaluable lessons for corporate audiences.


Harper Reed – Crowd-Sourcing and Social Media pioneer

Martha Lane Fox – Founder of lastminute.com

Inga Beale – Former CEO of Lloyds of London and Workplace Equality Advocate

Richard Reed – Co-Founder of Innocent Drinks and advocate for responsible capitalism

Moya Greene – Former CEO of the UK’s Royal Mail and one of only 7 female CEO’s in the FTSE 100 in 2018

Gavin Patterson – Former Chief Executive of the BT Group and one of the most influential people in new media

Cynthia Carroll – Former CEO of Anglo American, named as fourth most powerful woman in the world

Dido Harding – Former CEO of the TalkTalk Group and named one of the most influential women in the UK by the BBC

Charles Adler – Co-Founder of Kickstarter and pioneering thought leader in consumer engagement, agile development and user experience design


Behavioural Science: Happiness, Wellbeing and Workforce Retention:

At a time when it is increasingly shown that happiness and economic behaviour are intrinsically linked, those who dare to flout the status quo and espouse new workplace innovations centred around the use of happiness to increase productivity, will be ever more relevant. Even at a time of extreme technological advancement, the Human element is moving to the fore as a priority for individuals and businesses across the globe.


Amy Edmondson – Business psychology professional

Bruce Daisley – Twitter VP for EMEA and author of “The Joy of Work”

Dan Kahneman – Leading Psychologist in behavioural economics

Olivier Sibony – Professor and writer specialising in behavioural economics

Mo Gawdat – Former Chief Business Officer at Google X and Founder of #onebillionhappy

Ben Voyer – L’Oréal Professor of creativity marketing and expert in consumer psychology

Simon Sinek – Author of the bestseller “Start With Why” and world renowned speaker on leadership

Nick Southgate – Expert on applying the insights of behavioural economics to create winning business strategies

Sarah Harper – One of the world’s leading authorities on global demographic trends and their economic, political and social impact

Yuval Harari – International best-selling author, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” and expert on world history and macro-economic processes


Technology, AI and Blockchain:

2019 will see a swathe of technological advancements that will have far reaching consequences, including digital medical devices, public transport innovation, the further rise of blockchain, the cost-effective launching of miniature satellites and much more.


Jonnie Penn – Google Fellow and Expert on Artificial Intelligence

Cathy Mulligan – Expert on Digital Transformation and Blockchain

David Rowan – Editor of Wired UK and global expert on technology and trends

Toomas Ilves – Former President of Estonia and expert in e-governance and cyber security

Jesse Mcwaters – Leader of the World Economic Forum’s exploration of fintech and financial innovation

Tom Chatfield – Pioneering commentator on the interactions between technology, business and society

Kathryn Parsons – Co-Founder and CEO of Decoded and expert on the future of the digital economy, AI, Cyber Security, Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship

Jennifer Zhu Scott – Leading expert in Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, data ownership with an insightful understanding of the China context as well as the global landscape


Trust and Ethics:

A top concern for businesses is retaining the trust of customers as well as the threat of losing important data. Only the businesses who prove themselves to be trustworthy can expect success in an ever more competitive and trust conscious environment. The world is also starting to recognise the correlation between profit and purpose, whereby social, ethical and political factors are playing a bigger and bigger role in people’s purchasing decisions.


Itay Talgam – World famous conductor

Susan David – One of the world’s leading management thinkers

Brian Little – Personality and Motivational Psychology expert

Ola Rosling – Specialist on global issues and the impact of misconception

Sugata Mitra – World leading pioneer of a new approach to education and Founder of the “School in the Cloud”

Rachel Botsman – World-renowned authority on how trust and collaboration enabled by technologies will change the way we live, work, bank and consume


Wishing all our clients around the world a Happy New Year from the Chartwell team and all the motivational and keynote speakers we represent across the globe.


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