Top 10 EU referendum speakers

Here to help you navigate the ins and outs of June’s vote are Chartwells top 10 EU referendum speakers. From leading political commentators such as Janan Ganesh and Allister Heath, to expert economists Gerard Lyons and Roger Boottle, our experts are here to provide their insights and analysis on what could be the most important decision in a generation.

Predicting the economic and political landscape in the event of Brexit is an onerous task and one filled with uncertainty from both sides. It seems generally agreed that Brexit would cause an initial disruption to Britain’s economy. However, the question remains whether this short-term pain would be a small price to pay for a more independent, agile and prosperous British economy, or just the start of a more long-term economic decline.

According to recent polls the race has tightened, underlining the need for independent and informed analysis – will Britain leave the EU, how will voters decide, and what might the landscape look like after June 23rd? On hand to answer these questions and many more are Chartwell’s top 10 EU referendum speakers, hand picked by us to provide you with the inside track on the referendum. For keynote speaker bookings, or to request a short list of tailored suggestions matched to your conference’s needs, get in touch with Leo von Bülow-Quirk in London, Raleigh Addington in Hong Kong and Jeana Webster in the U.S. for ideas.

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