Rafe Fletcher
editor at Chartwell Speakers

What does it mean for investors?

Since Facebook’s re-brand brought the metaverse to popular attention, we have all been trying to work out exactly what this new vision for the internet means. The digital world wants to take increasing precedence in our lives. Eventually, the idea is that people can do almost anything in the metaverse: go shopping, attend school, participate in work meetings.

The advent of the metaverse poses two big questions for investors:

1) Is this a flash in the pan or a seminal change in how we interact with the world?

2) How can business make the most of the metaverse?

To help answer these questions, Chartwell recommends the following experts:

Kara Swisher
Described as Silicon Valley’s ‘most powerful tech journalist’ by Newsweek, Kara called the metaverse a ‘great idea’ but something still in its infancy and existing more as a buzzford for now. 
Randi Zuckerberg
Sister of Facebook’s founder & CEO, Randi was one of the earliest employees of the company as their marketing director. She said the metaverse represents a generational shift with adults unable to grasp how ‘real’ the virtual world feels to the younger generation.
Charles Hoskinson
Co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Cardano, two of the largest blockchain platforms. Ethereum recently hit an all-time high, in anticipation that its platform will be essential in any future metaverse.
Angie Lau
Former Bloomberg anchor and now CEO & Founder of Forkast News; a digital news platform focusing on emerging technologies in Asia-Pacific. She hosted this great introudction to the metaverse with Jamie Burke.

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