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Bronwen Maddox interviews former US President Jimmy Carter

Bronwen Maddox Speaker Editor and Chief Executive of Prospect magazine, Bronwen Maddox recently had the pleasure of interviewing former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter about the launch of his new book, “A Full Life: Reflections at 90.”

Throughout their discussion, former President Carter shares his perspective on US relations with the Middle East, and the Iran deal, which he describes as “the best we can do and the only alternative to a conflict with Iran.”

In one of the chapters of his book, Carter delivers his verdict on the world’s worst conflicts, and insists that “the Netanyahu government decided early on to adopt a one-state solution,” meaning that the “two-state solution,” which is still the professed international goal, is not going to happen. Overall he shares his hopes that the “US’s relations with Iran can improve.”

After devoting much effort to the Israeli-Palestinian relations while President, he pronounces that “at this moment, there is zero chance of the two-state solution.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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“Imperfect deal will help an uneasy peace” writes Ambassador Nicholas Burns, expert speaker on US foreign policy

Nicholas Burns speakerWriting in the FT on the historic nuclear agreement with Iran, Nicholas Burns, a leading analyst of US foreign policy in the Middle East, believes that an “imperfect deal will help an uneasy peace.”

Describing the negotiations as the “biggest foreign policy bet of Barack Obama’s presidency,” Nick argues that the deal will be “far from what was once envisaged at the State Department.” However, as “Iran now has the scientific and engineering knowledge needed to build a nuclear weapons…it is unrealistic to try to resurrect the demands of a decade ago.”

Despite this, Nick writes that “the Obama administration will have to fight to convince Congress that this is the right deal.” He notes that although the deal with Iran is a major accomplishment for the US and Europe – as it will help to keep an uneasy peace – this is merely the latest step in the “decades-long struggle for power with a wilful and often untrustworthy Iranian government.”

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Dennis Ross: Obama Needs to Soothe the Saudis

In a recent op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, Dennis Ross, counsellor at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, discussed President Obama’s trip to Saudi Arabia and what he needs to consider in order to affect Saudi behaviour.

Fundamentally, Dennis explains, the Saudis believe that America’s friends and interests are under threat, and the U.S. response has ranged from indifference to accommodation. Particular tensions have arisen because the Saudis claim that there is an Iranian effort to shift the balance of forces in the region dramatically in Tehran’s favour. Iran’s Quds Force encircling the surrounding region is thus perceived as an existential threat.

With regards to Iran’s nuclear disarmament, Dennis adds that Saudi leaders believe the U.S. is seeking détente with Iran and is turning a blind eye to Tehran’s troublemaking in the region. U.S. hesitancy in Syria, and the Saudis’ view of American policy toward Egypt adds to their sense of disquiet.

Dennis argues that none of this will mean that the Saudis will turn away from the United States; Saudi leaders know that only the U.S. can safeguard Saudi Arabia against external threats. However, as Dennis points out “insecurity often leads to self-destructive policies…given the depth of the Saudi doubts, the president will be unlikely to succeed if he offers only words of reassurance.”

Click here to read how Obama should tackle these concerns.

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John Hulsman: “The Iranian nuclear crisis still threatens global stability”

Writing in today’s City A.M., Dr John Hulsman, president and co-founder of John C Hulsman Enterprises, laid out the positions of the US and Iran with regard to the upcoming nuclear solution talks.

John points out that the opening negotiating positions between the two sides were expected to be far apart, but that “these two wholly contrary diplomatic stances cannot both be accommodated.” The differences illustrate a seemingly unbridgeable gap in the worldviews of the US and Iran; John argues that this has the potential to upset global stability, but that the West is under-rating such a possibility.

Click here to read the full article.

Dennis Ross: “It’s time to call Iran’s bluff”

It was an absolute delight to meet US diplomat and foreign affairs adviser, Dennis Ross, when he was in town last week. Having advised the Obama, Clinton and George H. W. Bush administrations, with particular experience in the Middle East, he is someone worth listening to.

Ahead of the next round of nuclear negotiations with Iran, taking place in Moscow today, Dennis has written a piece in the New Republic setting out what the West must do to stop the process from stalling. He argues that Iran should be offered a civil nuclear power capability in order to move the process forward, as the current strategy of playing for time isn’t working.

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