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Kathryn Parsons, a leading figure in the tech world, shines a spotlight on the British females who are shaking up the industry

Kathryn ParsonsKathryn Parsons speaker, founder of the digital education company, Decoded, has teamed up with The Sunday Times Magazine to compile a list of the leading women in British tech. “Lists are powerful,” she says. “History is littered with lists of men. The future is being written in lines of code. I don’t want women written out of that.”

A common misconception is that there’s a skills or ability gap between women and men in tech, but quite often the only issue is a confidence gap. With women only making up 17% of Britain’s tech workforce, Kathryn is among a number of inspiring role models who are trying to change the status quo. Women are blazing a trail across the tech industry – particularly in programming and software development – and are more likely to be early adopters of new tech.

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“A local alternative to Silicon Valley’s disruption mantra is needed” argues leading investor Julie Meyer

Julie Meyer, a leading investor and entrepreneur in digital, high-growth, early stage businesses, has argued in the Financial Times that “a local alternative to Silicon Valley’s disruption mantra is needed,” as start-up value rushes from Europe to Palo Alto.

Although every industry faces a digital disruption – a phenomenon that lies at the root of Palo Alto culture – Julie is convinced that “the unit economics are much stronger in start-ups that enable and extend the existing infrastructure than in those that disrupt the incumbents.” Julie believes that these traits are more likely to be found in Europe, where they “fundamentally want a sustainable ecosystem: for consumers and employees both to win.”

Julie explains that “if Europe tries to imitate Palo Alto it will always be second rate.” As such, she notes that the industry should reflect on the unique assets of its entrepreneurs, and the context in which they build their businesses.

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Check out the who’s who of London’s tech start-up scene

London’s Evening Standard has put together a hotlist of top names who are at the helm of the capital’s fast-expanding SMEs.

The line-up included tech stars such as Michael Acton Smith, founder of Mind Candy, father of Moshi Monsters and probably the most well-known face of Tech City, who was awarded an OBE in the New Year honours; Kathryn Parsons, known for teaching the world code through her Decoded course, whose attendees include the heads of Google and Virgin; and Joanna Shields, a tech legend who went from being at the top of Bebo, Google and then Facebook to being CEO of Tech City — the Government’s link to London’s 1,400 tech companies.

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