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Kathryn Parsons – Ping Pong Fight Club: Blasting shoreditch startups this Wednesday

This Wednesday in Hoxton and Shoreditch, the tech startup scene is going to war… via ping-pong.

Organised by Decoded’s Kathryn Parsons, Mind Candy’s Michael Acton Smith and’s Alex Will; Ping Pong Fight Club will see 64 players, in 16 teams clash and paddle it out until only one champion is left standing.

A gathering attended by some of London’s top tech and software start-ups, this amazing gathering will be a chance to see Tech city’s talent out in force.


Make a perk work with Philip Delves Broughton

Business and management expert Philip Delves Broughton’s latest column in the Financial Times is an interesting read. Philip talks about work perks following French bank Crédit Agricole’s decision to dramatically reduce travel and entertainments costs which has induced employees’ rage. He claims that this reaction “reflected the diminution in status of investment bankers more generally… they are having to adapt to the reduced perks of more ordinary corporate executives.”

Philip believes that perks not only a powerful tool within a business, but are also reflective of a company’s health and their attitude to workers.

In his article, he compares the perks offered by a variety of companies; including Google and Facebook in the technology sector who use their huge budgets to create “corporate Disneylands from which employees need never venture.” Even smaller start-ups appear to compete with these giants by allowing dogs to be brought into the office and providing top quality beverages.

To discover whether these work Philip looks to Sociometric Solutions, a company whose research identifies two categories of perks: those which benefit an individual and those which encourage socialisation. Nevertheless, it seems that companies themselves need to measure effectiveness and activity as for some businesses socialising is positive yet for some too much can be detrimental to sales and thus profit.

Philip quotes Professor Robard who argues that the most important thing is not what the company offers but how these perks are perceived by employees.

His conclusion is interesting: “Perks..need to be consistent with the broader values of the company, as once you give them, they can be very hard to change.”

Click here to read the article in full

DJ Patil joins the startup RelateIQ

It has just been announced that the leading authority on digital media, social networks and data science DJ Patil has joined startup company RelateIQ. Moving on from his position as Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock Partners, DJ Patil has officially joined the team at RelateIQ.

The company use large-scale data-mining technologies to automate relationship tracking in the enterprise and CRM world and launched their public beta in 2013 with a mission to help people build better relationships and make smarter decisions.

Described on the RelateIQ’s blog as their “newest stellar hire”, DJ Patil has become their first VP of Product. He has been adviser to the company from the start, helping founders Steve Loughlin and Adam Evans with tasks such as developing data strategies with engineers.

In the article announcing DJ’s new role, TechCrunch believe he is the ideal candidate: “He brings a significant amount of experience in both data mining and data security, areas where RelateIQ will benefit from Patil’s expertise.” In fact Steve Loughlin told TechCrunch: “We are thrilled to have DJ join the team as his abilities are world-class.”

Click here to visit RelateIQ’s website

Click here to read TechCrunch’s article

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