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Marketing guru Rory Sutherland on the internet of things

Rory Sutherland speakerRory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK, argues in his latest Spectator piece that most homes have surprisingly bad “interface design”, but the new generation of thermostats and the internet of things is starting to change that.

Having personally adopted the use of an internet-controllable central heating thermostat, such as those created by Nest Labs (now owned by Google) and Hive, Rory argues that the much-trumpeted claim that this technology can pay for itself in fuel savings within a year or so – around £200 – is entirely plausible.

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Rory Sutherland on real and perceived value

Rory SutherlandTED Radio Hour interviewed marketing guru Rory Sutherland, who spoke on the difference between real and perceived value.

Brands help us assign value to almost everything we buy. But is there a way to know the difference between real and created value? Recorded as part of the “Brand Over Brain” episode, Rory explores the seductive power of brands.

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Rory Sutherland on ideas that breed

In his latest musings for The Spectator, Rory Sutherland, one of the most influential men in marketing, discusses how the most interesting innovations seem to emerge from the mating of different ideas, a process which is excellently described by Matt Ridley in his TEDtalk called ‘When ideas have sex’.

By using examples such as the wheeled suitcase, which apparently came into being from technology developed for in-line roller-skates, Rory argues that “what really changes the world is when different ideas, often from different fields, breed to create something new.” He goes onto say that the recombinatory process can be used to explain why capitalism works well, and how this process can also be seen in nature…

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