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Roger Bootle on the UK’s membership of the EU

Writing an op-ed for City A.M. on the UK’s membership of the EU, Roger Bootle, one of Europe’s most respected economists, told readers to “beware the corporate grandees who claim Brexit would cost Britain dear.”

Referring to those who are keen to maintain the status quo with regard to the EU, whose argument lies in the belief that a huge number of jobs is bound up with the continuation of the UK’s membership, Roger argues that whilst it is true that very many jobs are connected with trade with the EU, ” the issue is not about the precise number – 3.5m, or 3.9m, or 2.8m – but rather with the concepts underlying the estimate.”

Roger points to the fact that the EU and UK would have powerful incentives to maintain trade. He goes on to say that the “economic case to stay in the EU, just like the economic case to come out, is far from overwhelming.”

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Roger Bootle on the future of the British economy

Writing recently for the Telegraph, Roger Bootle, Managing Director of Capital Economics, believes that Britain could become the world’s fourth largest economy within decades, and that chances are the British economy will still be a major force in world affairs in 20 years’ time.

This follows the news that China is likely to overtake the US as the world’s largest economy faster than expected. Roger argues that such circumstances arise in part because China’s population is four times the size of the US population. Like China, he says, the Britain’s economic standing will be affected by population size.

Other factors, such as the upcoming Scottish Referendum, will also affect the future of the British economy. Roger asserts that if “Scotland votes for independence, the UK will immediately lose about 10pc of GDP and, accordingly, slip down the rankings quite a way. None of this would imply that people in the rest of the UK would be any worse off – at least not directly. Indeed, they may even be better off. But it would reduce the UK’s weight in the world.”

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Roger Bootle to publish “The Trouble With Europe” in May

Roger Bootle - The Trouble With EuropeRoger Bootle, one of the City of London’s best-known economists, is set to publish his new book entitled “The Trouble With Europe” on May 1st 2014, by Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

Roger argues that Europe has changed, the world outside has changed, and what people want has changed. As such, “The Trouble With Europe” looks at whether Europe needs the EU, or if perhaps it is one of Europe’s main problems.

This book is written especially for all fair-minded people across Europe who have previously been presented only with a choice of extremist ravings or wads of impenetrable Euro-speak. To all those who may be called upon to contribute to a decision about Europe’s future, or their country’s part in it, Roger offers a fluent, readable and even-handed analysis of the options of how Europe could better serve its people.

This most recent publication neatly follows on from his previous books, which include, “The Trouble with Markets,” and “Money for Nothing,” which correctly anticipated the financial crisis.

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Roger Bootle – EU membership “too important to be left to the Americans”

In his column for the Sunday Telegraph yesterday, Roger Bootle responded to last week’s news that the US was opposed to a referendum on a UK withdrawal from the EU.

In a typically provocative piece, Roger frames the debate in the context of the US needing to retain significant influence on EU economic policy. You can read Roger’s article by clicking here.

Roger is one of the City of London’s best-known economists, and runs the consultancy Capital Economics, one of the world’s largest independent economics consultancies. If you’d like to book Roger for a speaking opportunity, please email Alex Hickman.



Roger Bootle gets fantastic feedback

Roger Bootle, winner of the 2012 Wolfson Prize and bestselling author of ‘The Trouble with Markets’ (2009) received fantastic feedback for his dinner speech last night. With a long track record of successfully forecasting  major events and market movements, often in contrast to the prevailing orthodoxy of the time, Roger is one of the UK’s most highly regarded and thoughtful economic commentators.

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