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Crisis in Ukraine: Briefing by Sir Roderic Lyne

Roderic LyneFollowing on from the first round of Ukraine’s Presidential Elections, we spoke to Sir Roderic Lyne (based here in London) about the outlook for the country, what’s driving Putin and what the West can do about it.

“As the West does not seem prepared to commit the huge, multi-year resources necessary to enable Ukraine to resist Russian pressure, the short-term prospect is for an unheroic accommodation which will satisfy most of the Kremlin’s aims. This will not make for a sustainable long-term solution. Ukraine will remain a problem for years to come.”

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Sir Roderic Lyne: the crunch is coming for Putin

We had a very interesting conversation with Sir Roderic Lyne, former UK Ambassador to Russia (2000-2004), on what the future holds for Putin and Russia.

In his view, low gas prices and the likelihood of world over-supply of oil (due to large new discoveries of shale and offshore gas, particularly in the US and Canada) are a real threat to Russia’s prospects and Putin’s hold on power. As he says, “the crunch probably won’t be next year, but it’s on the way”.

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