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NEW SPEAKER: Dr Melanie Windridge, plasma physicist and author of AURORA

NEW SPEAKER: Dr Melanie Windridge, plasma physicist and author of AURORA

melanie-windridgeThrilled to announce that we are now working with plasma physicist, writer and speaker, Dr Melanie Windridge for speaking opportunities worldwide.

Melanie is the author of  Aurora: In Search of The Northern Lights, has a PhD in plasma physics (fusion energy) from Imperial College London and is currently Business Development Manager for fusion start-up Tokamak Energy. A gifted story-teller with an infectious passion for her subject, Melanie inspires audiences with her unique perspective on science, geography and travel, firmly believing that science and exploration go hand in hand.

On a more technical level, she is also able to deliver insights into the state of the fusion industry, and the role that startups are playing in the energy sector.

aurora-northern-lights-melanie_windridge“Melanie argues that all forms of exploration, whether it be through travel or scientific enquiry, at their core boil down to the same thing: the innate human impetus to push back frontiers. Her speeches and writing are designed to explore and cultivate this instinct to innovate, and her stories provide invaluable inspiration to help audiences and businesses develop an exploratory mindset.”

Melanie is available for speaking engagements, events and conferences globally and if you’d like to know more, please contact her speaking agent Leo von Bulow-Quirk for her fees, expertise and latest availability.





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