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Introducing Hanli Prinsloo: Freediving champion, ocean adventurer, and sustainability advocate

Chartwell is thrilled to be representing Hanli Prinsloo exclusively for her global speaking engagements.

An 11-times South African freediving record holder and one of the world’s foremost ocean adventurers, Hanli’s career has seen her freedive with marine megafauna from blue whales to tiger sharks.

Hanli Prinsloo swimming with a Tiger Shark

In her inspirational speeches, Hanli shares the lessons freediving has taught her about mind over body control and mental toughness – lessons she continues to impart to elite athletes all over the world, including the South African Rugby Sevens team. She offers her audiences with an entirely new framework through which to think about risk, and enables them to challenge fear and limiting assumptions in all walks of life.

Hanli is also Founder and CEO of the I Am Water Foundation, an organisation that campaigns for ocean conservation through education programmes and documentary films. She has been made a WEF Young Global Leader in recognition of this pioneering work.

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Ocean advocate and adventurer Hanli Prinsloo visits Cocos Island to promote shark understanding and protection

Hanli Prinsloo, ocean adventurer and world champion freediver, took a trip to Cocos Island to promote shark understanding and protection.

Hanli Prinsloo - Tiger Shark

The purpose of this trip was to address the decision makers in Costa Rica, who have allowed for an exception to the law against fishing for sharks. Costa Rican authorities claim that if sharks were a bycatch – including in the marine reserve of the Cocos Island, a hotspot for amazing shark diversity – they could be legally exported (shark fin soup is seen as status enriching in China).

Hanli Prinsloo - Seagull

However, conservationists warn that allowing exceptions to what should be tight restrictions on the shark fin trade, boosts that temptation. Furthermore, CITES mentions bycatch as one of the top threats to hammerhead shark populations worldwide. In response to this law exception, Hanli and her team have gone to explore, document and share stories from a magnificent underwater wilderness, and put shark protection back on the agenda.

Click here to read her full blog post, or watch Hanli discuss this further on News24 (above).

For more information on how to book Hanli Prinsloo as a speaker for your conference or client event, please get in touch with Leo von Bülow-Quirk at or call on +44 (0) 20 7792 8000.

Seven Swims in the Seven Seas for 1 Reason: the new campaign by endurance swimmer and inspirational speaker Lewis Pugh

During August, renowned endurance swimmer and United Nation’s Environment Programme (UNEP)’s Patron of the Oceans, Lewis Pugh, will be swimming with one purpose: to put Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on the global agenda. He will become the first person to undertake a long distance swim in each of the Seven Seas: the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean, Black, Red, Arabian and North Sea.

Lewis Pugh - Seven Swims in the Seven Seas for 1 Reason


These seas are amongst the most polluted and overfished in the world and Lewis Pugh’s campaign, Seven Swims in the Seven Seas for 1 Reason, will highlight the need for urgent action.

Commenting on his latest feat, Lewis said: “This is my most ambitious expedition yet: Seven swims in each of the classical Seven Seas. The logistics are complex. The challenges are many. But the aim is simple: to protect our wonderful seas and their precious marine wildlife…I want to encourage our global leaders including David Cameron on my return, to recognise just how vital protecting our seas is.”

Lewis recently completed his 10 kilometre swim in the Mediterranean Sea – the first of his 7 Swims. Finishing the leg in three hours and thirty three minutes, Lewis was met by Prince Albert II (see below) at Larvotto Beach in Monte Carlo, Monaco, who congratulated him on his achievement thus far.

Click here to follow his progress.

Lewis Pugh meets Prince Albert II - Seven Swims in the Seven Seas for 1 Reason

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